You’re addressed the way you dress applies everywhere. You’re planning for a job interview, you should always dress to make a good impression to the company o firm you’re interviewing with. The kind of dress code you choose will always follow in line with the company or firm you’re interviewing with. You should check whether the company dresses in a formal way or just maintain a casual outfit. Whether you’re going to for regular job interview, an internship interview or a summer job, you will have to make a first good impression with the way you dress, it goes a long way to get a cal back or mail from the firm.

In this article, we will show you dress codes for different kinds of interviews that will make you look great and appeasing in front of your interviewers.

Professional Interview Dress Code

In all professional job interviews such as for accountants, lawyers, salesmen, business managers, Secretary in big firms Doctors and all professional jobs, the interviewees should always endeavor to dress in a corporate attire.

The male folks should go with a corporate suit, a button down shirt, a corporate trousers and a corporate shoes. The females should dress in suits too with a blouse and a corporate skirt/trousers with a smart shoes. While dressing for a job interview, it should be noted that interviewees shouldn’t dress in colors that are too shouty to avoid distractions.

Non-Professional Interview Dress Code

In a non professional interviews like going for an interview for a manual jobs, you wouldn’t need to overdress. A simple dress will do the magic. This kind of interviews doesn’t involve firm and companies in a formal environment so the formal dressing wont be important. You should also check what the workers in the company wear on a daily basis to get yourself something close to that. For the men, a nice T-shirt and a trousers with shoes will be ok for the interview while for the ladies, a blouse and skirt/trousers with shoes will be enough. In all, don’t look too attractive to avoid distractions to the interviewers. Its not a dressing competition but a job interview, so its not what you wear that will get you the job but how much you persuade the management to hire you.

Casual Interviews Dress Code

In this kind of interview which mostly take place in a developing company or market place like an eatery, printing press or a restaurant, you shouldn’t go there in a suit. The dress code for this kind of interview should just be casual presentable. A simple good looking polo/t-shirt with a jean trousers will be ok for the men. The women can go with a nice top and a skirt/trousers with a nice footwear.

Dress code for college and Internship interview

One you’re going for a summer job in a professional firm, you should dress professionally in line with the firm you interviewing with. This will show that you’re ready to face the real world when you finally become ready for the real job. The same goes for internship interviews, depending on the firm or company, you should dress in a formal attire. The dress code for the company or firm should always be put into consideration while selecting a dress code for the interview.

Interview Accessories And Hairstyle

While attending an interview, you should be aware that its not a fashion show neither is it a dressing competition. So as much as possible, maintain a normal look. The accessories you should be with shouldn’t be too shouty in its color and quantity. A wristwatch without bangles will be enough. A simple necklace is also advisable if you must wear one. As for the hairstyle, dying it won’t show that you’re humble enough for the job. Maintain the normal color of your hair. The guys should put a style on the hair like a dreadlocks or something like that. The ladies also should maintain their hair color with a hairstyle that is not too extravagant or distracting. The makeups should also be moderate.

In all job interviews, don’t wear an attire that will distract your interviewers. They may be tempted to look away from the great potential you can offer the firm to what you’re wearing. An attire that is revealing shouldn’t be a nice choice. Look smart and gentle at all job interviews and surely, you will be given the opportunity to prove yourself as a potential partner of the firm or company.



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