Are you looking for the best place to learn programming skills? Are you staying around Enugu metropolis or in the east? This article will show the best places you cam learn programming within a short period of time and in a cheaper rates. Learning programming requires a lot of passion, attention and the right coach to teach you. You should know that learning programming offline won’t only cost you time but also money and other resources like a good Laptop and steady electricity at home to be doing the practice after the school.

Below are the best places to learn programming offline in Enugu, Nigeria.

1 Digital Dreams Academy: this is first in the list of places you can learn programming offline. Here, you pay a sum of money to be trained by professionals. You will also spend close to a year depending on the agreement. Digital dreams academy is located at Agbani road in Enugu metropolis. They course includes but not exclusive to Web Design, Mobile & Software Training.

2 Digitmoni Academy This is a reputable training school for future programmers. Digitmoni academy os focused on teaching and handling any ICT project. The head office is located at Nsukka in Enugu state.


This is also among the top training centers for learning a good skill on programming offline. In this academy, you will be taught about web design, mobile app, ICT consultant and digital marketing.

4. UCDMC ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING ACADEMY ENUGU NIGERIA. This academy is also located in Enugu metropolis. They offer learning in digital marketing and web design. Its also a good place to start as an amateur who wants to learn programming offline.

5. Aptech Digital Academy Enugu Center: this is one of best place to be a guru in programming in no distance time. The center offer a wide range of courses on programming offline. You will need a laptop to be perfect here.

Other centers you can learn programming offline in Enugu are as follows:

  1. AfriHUB Nigeria Ltd
  2. BMS Computer School
  3. Che-Che Investment
  4. Classicalb learning Company
  5. Micromedia Computer Ltd.

All the above Computer training centers in Enugu offer important courses in programming offline. When you’re ready to start learning programming offline, you can browse on the names above and get the contact info on google.

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