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In the early 1800s and late 1990s, communication have been something terrible to right home about. People in those days suffered from boredom, lack of connections and networking life. You can imagine staying the whole year without communicating with your loved ones just because you both live in different part of the country and can only communicate when you see each other.

Before this 20th century, Nigerians chat mostly through offline methods. Most chat uses letter writing in the 1950s. This period, if you like to communicate with anyone, you will have to go to the postal services to send your letter to the preferred destination. Be that as it may, this will only be possible when the desired location have a postal service too and your receiver will know how to interpret whatever you have written to him or her.

Communications offline at this era was not only stressful, it was more costly and time wasting. People loosed interest in one another for lack of constant communication. There was nothing like social media at this era. People couldn’t connect in groups or worldwide, you will restricted by finance and time to do such. Most times, its impossible to achieve a social connection at this era in Nigeria.

Another way that Nigerias chat before the invention of social media is through meetings. In this connection strategy, people fix a date for the meeting and everybody involved will attend the meeting and they will gist and chat about whatever topic they agree on. This mode of communication paved way for group social media of this current century in Nigeria.

Another way people chat in Nigeria before the invention of social media is through festivals and cultural gatherings. This events paves way for people to communicate with their loved ones and have time to gist about the happenings in their environment and lifes. It should be noted that this type of gathering doesn’t occur often, Nigerians will have to wait for the time of festival to meet with their loved ones.

Towards the end of the 90s, some archaic social media was introduced to the country. Telephones and Radio was the means of communication. At this era, people communicate through the use of phone calls and radio signals. Chatting at this era took the form of sending and receiving messages through the phone or radio. This was a step into the development of social media in Nigeria. Phone messages made it easy for people to communicate and chat with one another. Nevertheless, it can’t be said to be that convenient like the present day social media.

In the beginning of the 20th century, computers were created and imported into the country, paving ways for the advanced social media connections we have today. It was in 1997 that SixDegrees was created and it served as a means of communication, more like a social media network service. The internet at this point started to gain ground in the country, but it was only for the rich and the government officials. The SixDegree enabled user to creat profile and connect with other users of the site.

With the invention of blogging, social media began to gain more popularity. Sites like MySpace and LinkedIn became significant in the early 2000s. Another prominent sites like Photobucket and Flickr invested more in online photo sharing. YouTube came out in 2005, its tried in creating media communication that went viral around the world and Nigeria as a whole.

In the year 2007/8, Facebook came into existence in Nigeria social media networking sites. It enabled user to creat profile and connect with an already user in the site. This was followed by other networking websites around Nigeria such as WhatsApp, 2go, Wikimi and a lot more social media network.

Today, there are thousands of social networking sites that enable Nigerians to chat and have fun online and offline. Most popular still remains Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Linkedin and so much more.

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