Are you still in school or you want to write any professional exams? Do you want to pass in your upcoming exams? You don’t want to fail your exams anymore? Do you want to pass in flying colors? Welcome to the working solutions to your problem. One thing is getting admission into any institution of learning, another is passing the exams to the next level. It should be noted that not all the teachers and lecturer out there gives you exams so that you fail and remain with them. Am sure you’re not doing them any good to retain you in school marking your script every year.

Most people trip when they hear exams is next week and have already made up their mind that they will fail or won’t pass in flying colors. Worry no more, in this article, we will teach you the solutions to follow to pass your exams and never to fail again. Be positive!. Follow this steps below if you don’t want to fail anymore and pass with a flying colors.


This is the hallmark of passing your exams. Once you believe in yourself that you can do it, the next steps will be easier. Is ok to be nervous, everybody become nervous at the mention of exams. But in as much as you’re nervous, still believe in your ability to go into the exam hall, without any malpractices, that you’re going to do perfectly well. Believing in yourself gives you more courage and strength to read and understand.

Start Early To Read And Read Again

Start your jacking earliest way before you know the date for the semester or termly exams. Once you cover all you have to study for the semester, start afresh and read it over again, in this second reading, you will be able to see some hidden points you might have missed in the first reading. The second and third readings widen your knowledge on the topics and helps you understand more about them. In the subsequent readings, you will be able to argue in your mind some points you don’t seem to understand.

Make Notes

Making notes will help you a lot during exams. Those important points in every paragraph and pages should be in your note. The value of making notes will manifest during exams, you can forsake your voluminous textbooks and concentrate on the notes. Only references will be made to the textbook for clarifications and more understanding. Making notes saves you time and helps you remember fast in exam hall, because its now in your words and writings.

Group Discussion

A group of 3-4 is enough to engage in topic discussion about what you have read and thought in class. Group discussion helps you to remember fast. It also helps to make the points you argued in the group discussion to stick into your brain.


After you’ done reading, don’t be selfish with the knowledge, teach someone else about it. This will help you alot to remember all you thought the person and how you did it during exams. Whenever you see the question, you will remember you thought Davies about it and you will remember naturally.


When the exam is approaching, try and solve some past questions as a practice before the exam. After solving them, take it to someone else, preferably the lecturer in that topic to grade it for you. Solving past questions also helps you to understand more about the topics and its divergent views and formulas.

Make Out Key Points

In this step, you should write down the points in a particular topic so as to help you remember them easily. The point should be easier to skip through before you enter into the exam hall. Just the salient points should be mapped out from the topics, you will put the flesh later with your brain in the exam hall.

Manage Your Time Properly

In this exam hall, try to answer all the questions. How will you do that, go with a wrist watch, apportion some minutes to all the questions and stick to that. Always answer the questions with higher marks first and the easiest one at the last. Don’t be nervous inside the exam hall, chill, relax and be happy. The answers will come as you write if you followed the above steps.


Prayers without work is nothing and you cannot build something on nothing. So before you pray, make sure you have read through your materials cover to cover. Just when you’re about to start the exam, ask God for the gift of the holy spirit to guide and minister to you.


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