Asking a girl out on a date is one of the crucial step that leads to a serious relationship. In the western world, asking a girl out in a date is more simpler than doing same in Africa. In Nigeria, ladies are not in a rush to go on a date with a girl they just meet at the bar without first of all, establishing a connection for a long time with the guy.

In this article, i will teach you the steps to follow, to make it easier and successfully take a girl on a date. 

Step 1. Establish Interest.

You should try as much as possible to make the girl have interest in you. Some ladies do have interest on a guy without the guy trying, so look out for the body contact, eye contact and the body language will tell you when the girl have interest in you. 

To make the girl like you, you have to make communication with the girl. Introduce yourself and initiate an interesting conversation to entertain the girl. If she’s always trying to talk to you, then you’re with the right person. In case she’s showing indifference to you and always wanting to stop talking to you, you should give her a space and look for another positive girl to match your vibes. Wasting your time on a girl that’s always trying to avoid you can cause you emotional disaster in a near future.

Step 2. Know Her More

Once you find out she’s intrepid in you, push the go ahead button. Try and talk to her more often than before. Ask her about her interest and what she will like to fo in her free period. 

If it’s in school environment, learn where she’s always at and try to bump into her to start a small talk just to make her have you on her mind for the day. Learn what she likes and dislikes so you won’t have to piss her off by doing what she doesn’t like. At this stage, you should call her to check in her once in while and keep the communication going. Making her smile or laugh will be a plus to your quest so try and crack some joke once in a while. While talking to her, always maintain eye contact, it your way to her heart.

Step 3. Ask Her Out

The Dday is here. Once you have established a connection between you and the girl. The next thing should be asking her out on a date. There is no hard and fast rule in asking any girl on a date. You can ask her out in a funny way or in a serious way while you guys are engaged in a conversation. 

You shouldn’t ask a girl out on a date over the phone or through text. Most girls won’t take you seriously when ask them out through WhatsApp or Facebook. So the right thing is to meet the girl facially, looking into her eyes you will say, ‘Will like to spend time with me at the Cinema on Friday night?’ She might say ‘Yes, sure’ then you will continue the conversation on how fun it will be for both of you and all that. 

You should ask her out in private, not when she’s with her friends, she might be shy and say no or be upset.

She might reject the offer though, if that happens, stay calm and end the conversation and walk away. If she’s still interested, she will call you back on the topic.

If she keeps calm and didn’t say no, that means its a yes, you shouldn’t behave razz, just keep it cool too and tell her how exited you’re to go out with her on a date.

Step 4. Plan Your Date

At this moment, you already know the date of the event so you should plan the activities and how fun it will be for both of you. In planning the event, seek her opinion on the venue and whats good for her. She may want to go clubbing after watching the cinema or she might want to stay in a hotel room and play T&D with you. So do well to seek her opinion on what will be fun for both of you. 

Before going on a date, make sure you’re going to look very smart and more attractive than before. Shave your hair and keep yourself tidy. Wear a nice manly perfume and good looking cloth with a nice shoe. 

The time of the date should be comfortable for both parties so you might want to seek her opinion on that too. 

Being the first date, you should look out for where to have the maximum fun, like a beach or park or somewhere that’s really nice. Don’t prioritize something romantic, that can come later, maybe after the first date or if she wants to flirt with you on a first date, rock and roll soldier!.

Step 5. The Date Proper

At the appointed time, be ready and excited to go already. While on the date, be positive and make her smile and laugh alot. 

You shouldn’t be serious in a date, it’s meant for fun not to attend a Law lecture in final year. Tease her and play with her, always maintain a body contact and hold her hand while walking. 

You should talk about your fear and aspirations in the date. You can be nervous in the date, so once you’re nervous, you should tell the girl about it. Once you both understand yourselves, the date will be more fun and interesting. 

After the first date, ask her out on the second date and from there, you both can become inseparable and in love with each other.


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