As generations come and go, the urge to be successful rises. Some people are ready to settle for less, some strive for success. Even so, some try to stand out and be the very best amongst other successful people.

We all know that nothing good comes easy. There are a lot of things to be put in in other to attain great heights, a lot of sacrifices to make. It could come with sleepless nights, cutting off peers who are not success-driven as you are, denying yourself a lot of satisfaction to avoid derailing while chasing your ambition of greatness. Some of the things to consider in order to be the best will be touched briefly below.


Commitment, according to Word Web dictionary, is the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose. The ability to put in total focus in whatever u do and if possible, applying emotions (your love) for what you do. This builds a strong drive and motivation to carry on with what you’re attaining for. Even when the process seems rocky, you have to push through and keep your eyes on the prize. All the great men we know didn’t stop when they failed or they wouldn’t be who they currently are. Put in zeal and passion and stand strong in trying times.


Another important thing for anyone to observe on his journey to greatness is humility. Humility is the state of absence of pride. This is a basic principle for humans to apply on their day-to-day interaction with others but many fail to recognize that. There is hierarchy wherever one goes. This cannot be eliminated. The sooner you respect that principle, the easier your journey towards being the best is reached. You should always put in mind that those people started before you and had probably experienced whatever difficulties you have. They could always help you out if you accord the right behaviors and respect towards them.

Ask For Help

Ask for help when you need one. Do not rely on yourself because no one is an island. You can’t go through life alone so always ask for help when necessary.

Avoid unhealthy competition at all cost-

Economists say that there is no way competition can be completely avoided amongst individuals. But unhealthy competition doesn’t benefit any of the parties as they both could go extra miles just to out do the other person. It harbours jealousy or even more, hatred and these shouldn’t be the attributes of someone aiming for the top.


Note that mentorship should not be cut out. And by mentor, it doesn’t refer to random people who you just feel like talking to. A mentor is someone who is wise and trusted in leading you in the right path. Someone you’re free with and who might have had similar challenges as you currently do. Don’t swallow your pains. Open up to that person who is always willing to help you out at all cost and cares about your growth. And you should be rational when choosing a mentor.

Pray and Work Hard

The last but definitely not the least is prayers. In everything you do, put God first. Ask for guide lest you fall and break down because all your dreams might get shattered. Follow His principles where you need to. This will help to bring out the very best in you.


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