Many persons earn some real cash through the use of Facebook and other social media networks. To start earning money using yout facebook page, you need to have as many audience as possible who can be visiting your page and as well viewing the contents. You can use Facebook page to market your products and also gain a status as a public figure and persons can be paying you to advertise their products on your page. Celebrities also uses Facebook page to market and advertise their music online and also make it trend.

The questions that most people ask is, how can i get enough audience for my Facebook page? In this article, we will guide you to the strategic moves you can make to boost your Facebook page to entertain more visitors, likes, viewers and comments.

Invite your Facebook friends and Family

Just as the page is ready for the start, the first thing to do is to invite your friend and family on Facebook to like the page and even share it to their own friends and family too. Bu doing this, you’re creating more audience to the page. This strategy always works for free.

Entertain The Audience

Once you’re ready to start posting on the page, you should do well to start with a promotional post like a contest, giveaway or a discount for a product you’re selling. This will entice all the people that see about the post to like your page and always want to visit. By this process, you can get everyone involved to share, like and comment on the page to be entitled for the award or offer.

Provide Necessary Contents

In this strategy, you will be providing information that most people will like to read or talk about. You can also engage people in an interview to ascertain some information about something or review a topic you choose. Make people participate in the program or outreach. In this strategy also, you can show how the products are made, how you make you music video and so on, something that will make the viewers believe in your page.

Share the product you have

Should this be a business page, you should showcase the products often on the page. Also, you should let the viewers know when a new product is coming out in stock. If its an entertainment page, make trillers to update your viewers of a possible show or music video coming out soon.

Share Your Dealings

To make your page a legit one, such as a business page, you should share your dealings with other customers. This will get the future customers to trust you and want to buy or deal with you in future. You can share the feedback from the customers and how successful all your dealings are.

Get Other Influencers

In this strategy, you can alliance with other popular pages to advertise your own page for you. The other popular pages can charge you for this but surely, it will have a positive impact in growing your own page.

Individual Interaction

When someone visits your page or like or comment on your page, do well to appreciate them. Reply their comments and chat them if necessary. This will build trust and help you boost your page by the customers and visitors. You can also do this by tagging them in a particular post and asking them to share same to their Facebook friends and family.

All this above strategies required consistently and patience, slowly steady wins the race. So keep it up with passion and the zeal to make it.

You will surely boost your page through the above strategies. Goodluck.

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