Internet fraud is the use of internet services or software with internet access to swindle victims or to otherwise take advantage of them. Its no secret Internet fraud is a nasty scar on the faces of many countries, Nigeria topping the list. In the popular Netflix series “money heist” the one hundred naira note was used as a symbol of fraudulent activities.

An average Nigerian might ask how does internet fraud affects me? Internet fraud causes financial loss to individuals and sometimes their lives,to a country it leads to damaged reputation,extra costs to repair fraud damage and loss of potential foreign investors.
Have we ever wondered why youngsters engage in internet fraud? These two reasons go hand in hand poverty and unemployment. When people are poor with no means of livelihood they tend to engage in fraudulent activities.

These two factors can be reduced by diversifying the economy thereby increasing the source of revenue. The country has been practicing mono economy, however the poverty and unemployment rate seems to be on the rise, why not diversify into other sectors like agriculture,tourism,mining etc that will create job opportunities and reduce the number of people that go into Internet fraud.

As the saying goes “we cannot fight tomorrow’s crime with yesterday’s technology” the government should be willing to invest in ICT training for security operatives. This should empower them with the right tools and skills to curb the activities of these “yahoo boys” who prove to be one step ahead.

The government should also train the youths on ICT because they’re the people that’ll be abreast with new technologies.
It is not possible to get rid of crime entirely but with some palliatives it can help curb it.

By Kacey

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