Ho to identify the providers of a number by its prefixes in Nigeria.

Have you been faced with the trouble of having to identify the network provider of a particular number that called you?

Do you want to identify the number you can use for family and friends in your phone contact? Are you disturbed you can’t seem to decipher which network provider owns the new number prefixes that called you such as 0706 or 0906? Worry no more, we’re here to help you identify the network providers of any phone number in Nigeria using the number prefixes.

In this publication, you will find the different prefixes and the network providers it belongs to and moreover, how to check for the particular network provider using the prefixes of any Nigerian phone number.

The network providers that will be discussed in this article are as fellow; Airtel, 9mobile, MTN, Glo and Etisalat.

The following prefixes belongs to 9Mobile;

0817. 0908. 0809. 0909. 0818.

The following are prefixes associated with Glo network:

0807. 0705. 0811. 0805. 0905. 0815.

The following are prefixes associated with MTN:

0813. 0703. 0906. 0706. 0903. 0806. 0803. 0816.

The following are prefixes associated with Airtel network:

0808. 0902. 0812. 0708. 0901. 0701. 0802. 0907.

The following are prefixes associated with STARCOMMS:

07029. 07029 and 0819

MULTILINKS prefixes start with 0709 and 07027. VISAFONE have 07026., 0707 and 07025 as its prefixes. SMILE goes with 0702, NTEL with 0804, and finally ZOOM with 0707.

Your curiosity have been quenched by the above information so anytime you’re uncertain about the network provider of a particular number in Nigeria, you can easily check this information above.

Be that as it may, Nigeria implemented Mobile Number Portability in 2013, so the number prefix cannot be reliably used to determine operator anymore.


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