Most persons on Facebook concentrate on posting pictures, quotes, videos and articles on their Facebook page with the sole purpose of getting likes, shares, Dms and comments. It is important to note that you can now make real money using a vibrant Facebook account or Facebook page. If you’re interested in adding some cash to your pocket, read the below strategies and get your journey to get rich from Facebook started.

We’ll show you 5 ways you can use to make money from your Facebook account and or page.


You can start earning from Facebook by helping people boost their likes on their posts. Many persons on Facebook love to get up to 1000 like on every of their posts on Facebook. So you can advertise that you sell like. 1000 likes equals to 2000 Naira. Depending on the bargain reached by the buyers. A lot of people make money through these way, people will always need to boost their likes on Facebook.

2 Selling Your Account

When your account have lasted up to 5 years, you can put it up for marketing. Depending on your location, an account for up to 5 years can get you 10k Naira. The least you can sell it is 5000 naira. People always requires an account that have been online for a long period of time, by this, Facebook must have taken note of the credibility of the account and this will make someone buy it for good money. Having enough friends will also boost the price you can sell your account.


People are always in need of Facebook page that have enough followers. Creating a Facebook page with up to 10k followers can earn you at least 20,000 Naira when you sell it. A vibrant Facebook page is always selling in the online market. Once your Facebook page get up to 10k followers, put it up for sell and you will surely find a buyer.

You can also use your Facebook page to be advertising your product and make money from it. In addition to that, a Facebook page can also be used to advertise other people’s products and you get a percentage of the cost price or you get paid for just advertising for a brand. You can also be an influencer through this strategy and make a lot of money through Facebook page or account.

4. Become a Facebook Marketer

Facebook marketers earn at least $50 per day in advertising content for Facebook and other Facebook analysis. To become a Facebook marketer, you will have to be good in analyzing Facebook stat, making a sure marketing strategy and taking decisions for Facebook and writing a good content that can attract people to get engaged with it.

5 Developing Facebook Apps

You can earn a lot of money through developing apps for Facebook or an independent apps that can seeks to solve problems for Facebook users. In your app, after getting the go ahead to use Facebook banner, you can advertise your product or ads of other companies or games in you app and earn a lot of money.

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