This days of Covid-19, hand washing have become essential in every hours of the day. WHO have also advised that people should either wash their hands thoroughly with soup and water or preferably by using hand-sanitizer to keep our hands virus free. Hand sanitizer is not only for the protection against Corona virus but also for personal hygiene.

In this article, we will be guiding you on the steps to follow to manufacture a well to do hand sanitizer from the comfort of your home. You will have to follow the steps below if you want to make you own hand-sanitizer.

Note; Manufacturing of hand-sanitizer is for professionals who have the knowledge of mixing chemicals and the kind. Making home sanitizer is good but you will have to be careful with the mixture so as not to cause irritation on the body. Note also that the hand-sanitizer is not to be used on body as it is not good for the tender skin. Also keep it away from children who might misuse the substance.

Step 1. Get The Ingredients

In making a homemade hand-sanitizer, you should get all the necessary ingredients to be used in the process. Get them ready before starting any other process.

The ingredients needed are as follows; aloe vera gel, isopropyl and an essential oil such as lavender oil or you can make use of lemon juice.

The alcoholic content have to be at exactly 60 percent to be able to kill any germ in your hands. So in mixing the Lavender with the aloe vera gel, the proportion should be 2:1 to maintain the proper balance.

Get a clean continer

The container you will be mixing the liquids should be a clean and well spacious item if the quantity you’re intending to make is big.

Use a clean spoon

In mixing the ingredients, a clean spoon is required for it to be without stain from your hands or other item you might want to use such as wooden item.

Also keep the environment clean and your hands should follow suit. Before starting the process, make sure you wash you hands with clean water and soup.

After mixing the ingredients, allow it to cool before use. The already mixed ingredients should be put into a container for use. The container should have a close and a mean to open it temporarily for easy access.

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