Most programmers and software creators find it very difficult to market their already created software online or even offline. Will you like to market your software online and make a lot of profit, then you need to read this article intoto.

In this article, we’ll teach you how you can successfully make a lot of cash from selling your software online either from your blog or website.

The following steps will help you sell your software online.

Choose a reliable payment gateway

Before you start earning and marketing your software online, you will have to sign up to a payment mode that will help you earn from selling the software online. Some reliable payment gateway online you can open account with are Paypal or Strides should you want to deal with your credit or debit card.

You can market or sell your software directly from your website, blog or anywhere you can paste the link if you add a PayPal button or similar and sign up with some kind of free digital delivery app such as SendOwl.

How To Sell To The Customers

You should make the process of buying your product an easy ride so that the customers won’t find it difficult to buy your product through your website, blog or anywhere you can post your link.

Just like most online selling websites and blogs, the customers are meant to see the place to download the software and the payment log where they can add a few details to make payments and the downloading link will pup up immediately. It is also advisable to put a button for the customers to buy on a later date such as the buying carts in Jumia and other familiar websites or apps.

Always make your website simple and without any unnecessary stoppage in the website process of buying a software.

Licensing Key

The licensing key is a feature in the website which will protect your product from being used by a third party to make money. The license key will protect the software from being sold to a third party after downloading it frim your website or blog.

If you have less knowledge of programming, you might need the help of SendOwl to help you protect your softwares. Once your website or blog have an account or a contract with SendOwl, to activate the license key option won’t cost you another penny.

Sell in Subscription basis or otherwise

Your digital delivery company will help you make it a one time product sell or preferably buying through a reoccurring subscription. In selling through subscriptions, your digital delivery company should be able to put a mode for trial for the software and a full time package once the trial time expires and the customers will have to use the software through subscriptions or buy it one time-off.

Update Your Software

Most software owners offer free software update to their fill time customers. By so doing, you will gain more advertisement and buyers. Updating your software also generate you more money and users.


Your software might be the best out there, but with ooor marketing, it might go into extinction without anybody knowing of it. After creating your software, you should sign up to some marketing agencies online that will help you boost your software to customers. The software can be appearing as ads to show it exists. Some popular websites and blog have an option in their websites for advertising products, so do well to subscribe to such.

Third Party Salesmen

You cannot be jack of all trade and …, so do well to get third parties into selling your product with the required commission to pay them. You product can be sold on appstore or playstore while you seat at your house hose doing nothing. You cab get partners who understand the product to market and sell it for you.

If you have account with your digital delivery company such as SendOwl. They offer an in-built affiliate scheme which will help you sell your software. You won’t have to signup for another package here.


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