Prominent people are distinguished members of a particular community. This cut across people of timbers and calibers, people who have the most say in a particular place. Prominent men and women in Nigeria include but not exclusive; politicians, pastors and Revs, Artists and rich men and women. Most persons in this category always make it a bit difficult for others to meet with them. Security and personal reasons can be the cause of this situation.

In this article, we will show you steps to follow to be able to make out a workable appointment with the top persons in the community and any prominent man you will like to meet.

Staying Close.

In this strategy, you’re trying to gain recognition from the people around the prominent person you want to meet. Staying close entails following in a political rally and campaigns if the person is a politician. Should the person be an artist, attend the performance and record your present in the show and a lot more ways you can keep a close distance with the person. Once you get noticed, it is at this time that you start making your moves to meet your target person. It is easier to use his allies and close friends or acquaintance to help you get to him or her. In case you want to meet with the President of a school, you will have to make friends with his personal adviser or close friends.

Offer To Help

In this strategy, once you see that the prominent person is hosting an event or a ceremony, offer to help out in the organization and planning. This strategy gets you very close and liked by the prominent man even though he is yet to meet you officially. In the process of helping, you can make a partial introduction, maybe shake hands with your target person.

Book Appointment

You can meet a prominent person in your community by following the official way, which is booking appointment through the secretary in his place of work. This will help you keep a check on him. In this starting, you already have a date and time to meet him and also the place sorted out by the secretary. This is one of the easiest way to meet any prominent person in Nigeria. It is not advisable to pay someone a visit without prior invitation from him directly or indirectly through his personal assistant or secretary.

Be Patient And Persistence

They say, “slowly steady wins the race”. Keep on disturbing the prominent man you want to meet anything you see him, try book appointment with him. Keep on calling him on phone to check when he’s available for a meeting with you. It is also important that you don’t constitute a nuisance while trying to meet someone, comport yourself and be modest enough to wait for your opportunity.

Pay A Courtesy Visit

In this strategy, when the person is a politician and you need connections, you will have to pay him or her a visit with your team Of people from the same village as the politician or youths. While paying a courtesy visit to a prominent man, do not go empty handed, a wine or a painting of him can melt his heart to do some magic for you guys and in return, you’ve achieved your aim of building a relationship and a future connection for yourself.

Through A Family Member

You can also meet a prominent man through his children, parents or marriage partners. This strategy works almost perfectly well when you have a good relationship with the family member you’re planning with him to lead you to the prominent man.

Through Ceremonies Or Festival

This strategy is difficult as most prominent persons move around with security personnel making it difficult to meet them personally. It is also a way to try out to book appointment just within two minutes of introducing yourself to the person when you get the opportunity to speak to him. In this strategy, don’t talk much, just book introduce yourself and book appointment for next time, it feel good that way to avoid being dragged away by the security men.

Internet Connection

You can use the social media platform the prominent man is in to connect with him. Try sending him messages through Linkedin, Facebook Or WhatsApp, you can be able to build the connection from here to meeting him physically.

Offer to Interview

In this strategy, you can offer to interview the prominent man to speak on a particular topic in your magazine or other related publications. The interview can also be on motivational topics such as telling the youth about his life and how he made it. All these will get the man or woman to meet with you. Every prominent person out there wants to get more famous so they grab interviews with both hand, especially if it will boost their face to the public.

Follow this above steps and you can meet any prominent man you want to meet in Nigeria. Remember, be patient and keep it official and cool.

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