Whether you’re a student, a teacher or a professional, you will one day need to learn a new thing. You can be practicing what to present in a speech program or learning a new language or reading a book to review. You will have to be able to memorize what you’re going to make use of.

Practicing something new can be frustrating and time consuming to learn and master, you will have to memorize again and again to get use to the subject matter.

In this article, we will sure you some scientifically proven ways you can adopt to be able to memorize what you want to use for the future.

Do Some Exercise

Before reading in the night or in the morning, you should warm up your body a little. Exercising don’t only help your body but it also add some capacity to your brain in retaining information and memorizing quicker.

An exercise of 10-15 minutes have proven to help a lot before studying at night as it will improve your studying skill such as retentive memory and cognitive skills.

Read It Over Again

Reading the article over and over again will help you memorize it the better and capture the necessary points in what you are planning to study. While reading the stuff more than once, you should make notes in the significant points and the most important points you wouldn’t like to forget. Underlining the salient point is also helpful in memorizing the stuff you’re reading or practicing.

Practice It In Real World

You can be learning new languages, tru making sentences with the ones you’re reading. Try and communicate using the words you’ve learnt from the article you’re reading from. To be able to memorize quickly, you should practicalise with it. If you reading your speech, you should do well to practice speaking in the air. This way, you will get use to using the words and languages of your work.

Don’t Multitask

Reading and pressing your phone will distract you from concentrating on your book. Your mind should be focused only on the material you’re reading and pay utmost attention to every details in what you’re learning to be able to memorize is perfectly.

Teach Someone

Teaching someone what you’ve learnt will boost your skills in memorizing the work or speech. While teaching someone, you’re indirectly teaching yourself and it will stick to your brain the more once you’re teaching the right thing.:

Group Discussion

While studying with 2-3 persons, it will all the participants understand more about the topics of discussion. This will also help in public speaking and making a presentation in public.

Make Notes

While reading or learning a new topic or language, you should make note from the large part of the material you’re reading from. Making notes keeps things in a simpler form and helps you to capture all the salient points all at one glance.

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