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To organize a party that will get people talking about how fun and amazing it was, you will have to follow the right steps and do it with the right team. 

Many people organize a party and end up regretting it because it was a flop for most persons that attended the party. The causes can be as a result of poor management, poor turnout of people, no vibes in the party caused by the negative DJ or any other thing you didn’t do right.

Nevertheless, parties are meant for fun and entertainment, without it, I don’t know why people organize a party afterall. So if you thinking of organizing a party, you should follow the steps below to have a blast.

Step 1. What Type Of Party To Organize.

The first thing to consider is what type of party are you planning on having, will it be; a pool party, a clubhouse party, a surprise party, a birthday party, retirement party, graduation party, bridal party or what have you. 

Once you determine the type of the party you are planning on organizing, then you can now start the next step in working towards making it a success. 

The type of the party you’re planning to organize will determine many things that will affect the party such as the number of persons to invite and the place to host the party.

Step 2. Draft Your Budget 

Ask yourself, how much I’m I willing to spend in the party, the answer will so much be determined by how much you have in your account and how much you will like to have left after the party. 

In the budget, you will honestly determine how much you will like to spend on the drinks by how many persons that will be invited, how much you will like to spend on the venue by howmuch you have in your pocket, how much you will like to spend on seats, transportation and hyping the event.

Make sure your budget will not surpass how much you have at hand already, if you rely on others, they may disappoint you at the dying minutes. So make sure your budget tally with how much you have.

Step 3. Choose Venue, Time And Date.

In choosing your venue, you should choose a venue that is familiar with few, a popular place can be congested by the person who you did not even invite. Your venue will also be determined by how much you budgeted for the event. 

By this time, you must have drafted how much you will spend on each item in the budget. 

In choosing the time and date, you should also check for the happenings in the community to make sure your party does not clash with a more popular event that will drag people away from yours. Your party shouldn’t be in school days if you’re organizing a party for university students, Fridays and Saturday is a good time to put your party to attract people. You don’t want to do your party alone.

Step 4. Who To Invite 

In this stage, you determine who and who will be invited to your party to make it a success. Remember, your invitees are determined by the kinda party you’re hosting. You can invite elderly people for a clubhouse party or a pool party at night, they will just disappoint you. So when you’re choosing your guest, make it in relation to the type of party you’re hosting.

You should also after determining your guests, send out invitation messages or card. This days, parties are attended using a invitation ticket which will allow you a gate pass into the party house.

Your invitation can either be printed or in a soft copy like an email or a message to your target guest.

Step 5. Complete Arrangements 

At this stage, you and your team should form a committee who will see to the success of the party. Make arrangements for food, drinks, entertainment and any other event that will take place at the party. 

Making arrangements before the party will make the party go smoothly as planned, no dull moments. Hire a reputable DJ with a good musical instruments and hot songs. Make arrangements also for the Item 7 and the follow ups. 

Step 6. Buy All Necessities 

You should at this point, go shopping for what you will need in the party. Make provisions for the drinks, foods items, seats and other things that will be used in the party. 

After going for shopping, just before the Dday, go and setup the place and survey the areas once again to get it ready for the event.


following the above steps, you should have done the hard part right, you must groove now. 

Be positive and smile alot at the party no matter what circumstances. Make everybody feel comfortable and happy. 

Welcome everyone to the will be awesome party, enjoy the environs, the item 7, the dance, the vibes, make friends and connect!!!!!!!!!!!


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