Hacking of Facebook account have become rampant this days. Hackers can hack your account for so many reasons, ranging from mere wickedness, to sell it to a third party or to use it themselves and also to ask you for money to recover it.

It is important to note that if you protect your Facebook account with the below protection mechanism, be rest assured that no one will be able to hack into your Facebook account in the future.

The dos and don’t in protecting your Facebook account from hackers.

Your Facebook password shouldn’t be shared with other sites you’re dealing with online. Make sure you use different passwords to creat account in other websites not your Facebook password, especially if you don’t trust the new website. A hacker can get your password from a clown website used by hackers to get details of your full name and password, thereby using it to harm you.

Use a difficult password to guess. You Facebook password shouldn’t be your display name or your birthday, this is because hackers can easily guess the password and use it to hack your account. Always use a difficult password, a long password with the combination of letters, numbers and alphanumeric will be a unique password and no one can dare to guess it except you. You can also learn more about creating a stronger password on your Facebook security page.

Don’t share your login details. To be on the safer side, protect your Facebook login details with all you can. In opening another account with other social media network that doesn’t have an affiliation with Facebook, always walk away when they ask for your login details. If you share it with the site, the man behind the laptop will surely use it against you in the near future.

Always check the ULR before login in your details to any clown website. Some Facebook are not real. For that reason, always look out for the URL before you can give in your Facebook details, the original URL for Facebook are either or, anything outside this is an imitation and shouldn’t be given any attention to be able to protect your Facebook account.

Always Check Your Email for sensitive information. The email you used for you Facebook should be protected at all cost. This is because that is where Facebook gives you updates about your account and keeps you notified when there is any login from elsewhere that you can easily stop asap. The mails from your Facebook cannot be shared to a third party as it always contains sensitive information about your Facebook account and scammers can manipulate you into sharing it.

Once you notice any activity in your account that you’re not associated with, go to you Facebook security page and change the password and make it more stronger so the third party can’t login on it again. This should be done as quick as possible to logout the scammers before the change the settings on your account.

Two factory authentication Just as it is in WhatsApp, you can also do a two factory authentication to enable only you to be able to login to your Facebook account. You can do a two factory authentication that will only allow one phone, your phone to be the only login device for your Facebook account.

Avoid login in to a phisher site. This are the website that are created by scammers to collect details from Facebookers, be careful how to give in your Facebook details to all this website. Some links shared amongst WhatsApp chats and groups lead you to fishers site who only wants to steal you Facebook details, desist from sharing your Facebook details to this sites.

Don’t use your account with friends. It is more safe to even protect your details from you friends and acquaintances. The reason for this is that, your friends might misuse the account and a hacker will just be on the other end to steal your details. Always logout from your account if you use another persons phone or laptop to login and use your email to check the dealings to protect it from being used by a third party.

Keep Your Facebook Updated When Your Facebook is up to date, it will enable the programmers of Facebook to keep it safe for you. Old version are filled with irregularities that are being solved be the updated ones, so make sure your Facebook app is up to date and secured.

Moreover, don’t accept friend request from people you don’t know, they might keep tabs on your timeline just to scam you. Also, read your important notifications that pertains to your account, a scammer can be using your account with you for some time before stealing it, so always check the notifications, from Facebook and on your email. This and many more security options on your Facebook app can help you protect your Facebook account from being hacked.

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