Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Almost everybody uses Facebook or have used Facebook once in his or her lifetime. That being said, Facebook have some vices that can mar its usage by some persons.

Facebook account is among the most hacked in todays hacking rampage by some malicious individuals. Be that as it may, a hacked Facebook account can be recovered by fellowing the right procedures of recovery.

In this article, i will educate you on how you can recover your hacked Facebook account and keep it safe from future hackers. Once you notice any activity on your Facebook account that you did not authorize, be fast to check your security settings and change your password and login details so as to keep it safe from a third party, Facebook account hacker. Below are the steps to follow to recover your already hacked Facebook account.

Changed Password

This is the most common type of hacking. It is when the hacker of your Facebook account changes the password and login details to your account and by doing this, you won’t be able to login to your account anymore using the old password. If this is the case, you can easily recover it by going to the login page, click on the forget password. It will carry you to the recovery page where you can put your email or phone number associated with the Facebook account where the recovery code will be sent. Use the recovery code to continue on the login page and thereafter, change your password to a new and more complicated one. Your Facebook account will be recovered this way if its only the password that the hacker changed.


The malicious hacker may have gone far as changing the email previously associated with the Facebook account in oder to have full control of the account. You can still recover it by going to the login page and clicking on the forget password. In the next page, you will put in your login details, email and Facebook username for Facebook to locate your account, after this, you will also click on the part that says you don’t have access to the email, phone number or the password again. The next step can either be, Facebook asking you specific questions to recover the account or directing you to a recovery contact you used to open the account, maybe a friends email or Facebook account that is connected with yours. This process is a bit complicated but works when you no more have access to the account details.

In other cases, you can use your phone number in the login page to recover your Facebook account when you’ve already identified your login details, ie, your username, initial password and email address. The phone number is vital when the both password and email address to your account have been compromised. Your phone number will be the next option to recover your account with. Make sure you’re with the phone and sim card of the number you’re imputing to recover your account with. Once you’ve recovered your account, make sure you do a two way authentication security settings in your Facebook account to protect it from being hacked in the future. You can also check or contact @sirliberty @admin101-com for more information on how to secure your Facebook account and recover a hacked account.

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