Just as the name Insinuates, a piggery farm is a farmland for the rearing of pigs basically for its meat production. Pig farm is now among the most lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria today. Pig production can give you cash on a daily basis. This is because, in Nigeria today, there is a high demand for pork meat and both families, restaurant, hotels and bar need pork meat to keep their businesses blooming. Another advantage of having a piggery farm is that pigs reproduce in a quite large quantity so that’s a plus. In on reproduction process,

one female pig can give birth to 8-10 piglets. Piglets are also known as shoat or farrow. A female pig is call a sow while the male is called a boar and a group of pigs is called a drove or herd. 

As a pig farmer in Nigeria, you can make up to #2 Million naira in a sell. Do this maths, a matured pig is sold for at least #20.000, how much will you make when you sell up to 100pigs?. It’s very lucrative right?

The question most people ask now is, How do I start a profitable piggery farm in Nigeria? This are the procedures you can use to make it in piggery business in Nigeria. 

Step 1. Get a pig farmland

You might want to go Inside the rural area to get a farmland. Reason being that a farmland in the rural area will cost less than in an urban area. One acre of land can cost as cheap as 200,000 naira or a bit more than in an urban area which will range from 1million upwards. So the preferred location for your farmland should be in a rural area. You should put in consideration, the accessibility of the farmland to enable customers who will like to visit the farm to buy your goods.

Step 2. A Modern Pen House.

You should employ a good constructor who will build a well spacious pen for your pigs. The Pen should have a well ventilated roofing and drainage system. The more spacious the Pen, the less risky it is for the pigs to injure themselves. Prevention is better than cure. 

Step 3. Get the pigs ready.

At this stage, you will have to go into the market to buy some healthy pigs, both male and female to boost reproduction. Check the piglets medical history before buying them, it will waste you a lot of money to start treatment of an already sick piglets. You shouldn’t start with a large number of piglets, go from small to big. You might want to go with a vertinary doctor to help you check the piglets before cashing in on them.

Step 4. Employees

Starting a pig farm alone will be hectic and you may loss interest due to stress. So employ 2-3 workers who will help you in feeding and cleaning the Pen when dirty. 

Step 5. Piggery farm proper

The last thing to do is to put passion in your piggery farm. Hardwork is all thats needed in any business for it to grow. The pigs will need good feeding for them to grow and have enough weight to get you enough money. You should supply the pigs with clean water to keep them fresh and ready for the market.  You should know that the nature of pigs is dirty but you have to take care of your pigs, change their water daily and make sure the environment is clean.

Employ all the above procedures and you will make a lot of money from pig farm.

The end.

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