Poultry farming can be seen as the process of keeping and raising different kinds of birds such as ducks, chickens, turkey, geese, etc, for the main purpose of selling them when they’re grown or for their eggs or meat. 

Poultry farm have become a crucial part of Nigeria’s economy both in food production and otherwise. 

Poultry farming is one of the lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria today both for the meat and the eggs. Poultry farming doesn’t require a lot of money to start except you want to start it big. But just in a one room and with few chickens, you can start a poultry farm.

How do you start a poultry farm?

Nowadays, in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, there is a high demand for the products of a poultry farm, for example, egg is considered a high standard commodity both in rural and urban areas. Nigeria boost as the highest egg producing country in Africa followed by South Africa. 

Before you start a poultry farm, you should be prepared with all its equipments both for the ones to house the chickens and the equipments needed to sell the outcome of the farm. You should make all these available as it is the first step in starting a poultry farm.

1. What type of poultry bird to rear?

Before you start your poultry farm, you should determine, what type of bird will I be dealing on. In considering this, you should bear it in mind that a breed that lay more egg should be the best option. The common poultry farm this days are concentrated on rearing either Layers; which are mostly used for its egg production and can also be for its meat. Layer chickens are mostly bought from a day old and raised from there. They start laying eggs from 18-19 weeks old and stop when they’re 70-75 weeks old. Broilers; these species of both male and female are mostly bought and raised for their meat. They can start growing from when they’re hatched to as heavy as 2kg after about 5weeks or more. Cockerels; this is similar to the broilers in production of meat. This is mostly required by consumers in the market. They take time to grow though but they have the ability to survive in any environment.

2. Selection of farming location.

The location of your poultry farm determine to a large extent how successful you will become in the business. Locating it in a well developed area where the products is demanded will be a nice idea. Your poultry farm size should be determined by how many chickens you will like to rear. Its always good to start small and grow bigger. You can turn your small garden into a poultry farm if you have any in your compound. Your poultry farm should be calm enough for the birds, provision of water should also be a necessity, so you might want to locate it near a place you can find a clean water source. The farm shouldn’t be located in a place that have poultry predators like cats and wild animals. The farm should also have a free access to transportation to and from the farm.

3. Provision of good housing facility

A good poultry house should have ventilation and space to allow free movement of the birds. The house should also shield the birds from predators and natural occurrence like rain and sunlight.

4. Provision of medication and feed

In poultry business, a high quality of food is needed and it should also be nutritious for the wellbeing of the birds. The feeds must be in a dry nature and tidy. Water is very vital for the good growth of the birds, so they should have water in every hour of the day. 

In addition to that, a good medical care should be provided to the birds. You might need the assistance of a vertinary doctor who will be in charge of the health sector of your birds, to protect them from infections, disease, virus and bacteria and to treat them when the contact any of the above


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