Does Love Actually Mean Attraction?


Does Love Actually Mean Attraction?

Love Is All Around Us Yet, it seems that few of us truly understand what love is. Love is described in many ways, and at its most fundamental level, is described as the desire for another human being’s happiness or wellbeing, shared amongst the members of a community or society. The more I read and study spiritual literature, the more I realized that love is so much more than meets the eye. Love is much more than the absence of jealousy or anger; it’s about being able to move through the many phases of our lives knowing that we will find someone who love us back, no matter what our situation.

Love Is All Around Us Yet, it seems that few of us truly understand what love is. For many of us, love is defined by the relationship we have with our spouse, romantic partner, significant other, child, friend, or even neighbor. While there are those who enjoy having relationships with multiple people, others value only those relationships that they share with their spouse and/or significant other. Love is defined by feelings, not actions, and the feelings that arise from any given relationship are always unique. Love encompasses a wide range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from a purest form of affection, the deepest personal connection, the strongest commitment, to the easiest form of physical attraction.

Love Is All Around Us Yet, it seems that few of us truly understand what love is. For most of us, love means a form of physical attraction (often involving breasts or buttocks) that develops over time, based on feelings that develop within the vicinity of the other person. This type of love often involves intense feelings attraction (sometimes also known as lust), which can quickly evolve into feelings of lust, intimacy, and desire. Although it is not uncommon to fall in love very quickly, falling out of love can often be much harder. Intense feelings like lust and intimacy can be confusing, and if it doesn’t come to a natural end, can leave the person feeling empty and unsatisfied.

Love Can Include All People Emotions are the key to attraction, and when emotions are strong it is quite easy to fall in love with another person. As well, the strong emotions that develop as a result of falling in love, make it possible for us to develop friendships and meaningful relationships. This type of relationship often involves both physical attraction and emotional or positive emotions. Emotional intimacy often involves feelings of caring, trust, and understanding for another, which helps to create a positive emotional environment and enables a person to feel “contained” and “safe.”

Love Does Not Just Involve One Individual A true romantic relationship is one in which two people develop strong feelings for each other. In addition, all romantic relationships involve more than just one person; often, two people will spend a great deal of time sharing emotions with each other. However, it should also be noted that while having strong feelings for another person can often lead to a fulfilling and loving romantic relationship, having strong feelings for just one person can often lead to “distance relationships.” Distance relationships often center on one person and can be quite damaging to a relationship.

Love Can Change the Way One Looks at Life When two people enter into a committed relationship they often come to see things in a new light. The intimate relationship that develops as a result of love often changes the way one looks at life. People who fall in love often look at the world in a new light because of their intense feelings for another person. In turn, when these same people do become engaged in a long-term relationship they often develop a real “faith” in each other and in their relationship.