Importance of Beauty


Importance of Beauty

Beauty is frequently defined as a subjective quality of certain objects, which makes those objects aesthetically pleasant to see. Such objects come in the form of sunsets, landscapes, beautiful humans, works of art and many other artistic creations. Beauty, along with beauty, is perhaps the most important theme of aesthetics, among the various branches of modern philosophy. It is the subjective aspect of beauty that differentiates it from aesthetic appreciation or the deeper aesthetic contemplation.

According to the French philosopher Saint Augustine, beauty is defined as the proportionate ratio between the parts in nature. He argues that there are four important elements in nature, each of which is associated with one or more other elements. A perfect and real beauty, he says, exists when all these ratios are in harmony. Beauty then is defined by the proportion between the most appealing and natural aspect of an object to its size, shape, color and other physical characteristics. In general, beauty can be seen to consist of a particular aesthetic quality or aspects.

We might think that our technological civilization is the pinnacle of all beauty. However, there are still some aspects of beauty which are timeless and are related to our technological know-how, culture and context. For example, when people discuss beauty on the social media platform, we tend to speak of different aspects of beauty, such as beauty in nature, beauty in clothes and beauty in architecture. All these different perspectives of beauty have their own value and relevance. What is beautiful to one might not be appealing to others. In fact, beauty is subjective and not quantitative.

It would seem therefore that we should concentrate on certain aspects of beauty which are quantitative and seek to quantify beauty in terms of numbers, such as the number of page views on a blog or social media website. However, beauty is much more than page views. Beauty is found in the way things look, in the feeling that you get in certain situations and in the enjoyment that you get from life. Beauty encompasses aspects of social media websites, fashion and architecture and even the everyday mundane things like commuting to work.

This is what makes fashion and the whole concept of beauty so interesting. Fashion is one aspect of beauty which is objectified in a particular way and can be measured. The other aspects of beauty are subjective and it is through the beauty concept that we find our own personal definition of beauty.

The beauty industry has developed its own concepts of beauty in terms of its own brand image, style, and competition. A few decades ago, only supermodels were considered to be ‘good’ models and the runway seemed to be a place for the rich and famous to go to display their wares. Nowadays, the world of fashion seems to encompass us all and beauty in fashion and accessories is no longer simply about looking good but also about doing good. A new term, ‘Social Media’, has been created to describe this concept. Social media is where we find people using the internet to talk about and critique various facets of life – be it their looks, health, relationships or social media. If you want to get into the limelight then start talking about your looks, your health, your relationships, your social media and you will be surprised how quickly you will be noticed.

What Are Determinants of Well-Being?

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is “an environment where an individual’s health is generally good but is not perfectly balanced.” Various definitions have been employed over the years for various purposes. In the United States, the National Health Interview Survey (NHS) attempts to measure the quality of health and the need for health services and other programs. The concept of health is more complex and difficult to measure than most people realize.


The conceptual framework of health has changed considerably in recent years. The focus has shifted from individual self-care to a collective effort to promote health and to overcome health equity. Although public health remains a significant influence in promoting health, its impact has been lessened by the growth of personal responsibility and greater interest in environmental, lifestyle and dietary factors. The challenge is to create environments that promote health while reducing health inequities.

One important concept is the notion that illness is caused by both an individual and their environment. Illness may be prevented or controlled through efforts to modify behavior, exposure to disease prevention measures and the effectiveness of current treatments. Some health care workers are trained to evaluate people at risk for several diseases, like obesity, chronic conditions and mortality, and they help to design programs to prevent these diseases and to reduce overall life expectancy.

There are three major components of the conceptual framework of health promotion and quality in health: individual determinants, environmental factors and societal determinants. Individual determinants refer to external threats that increase a person’s chances of getting health problems, including genetics, socioeconomic status and heredity. These determinants can themselves be changes in the environment, including poor nutrition, air pollution and poverty. External threats can also be internal, such as stress, infection and smoking. The third component is society, which refers to the existence and influence of organizations and policies that promote health.

In defining health promotion and quality in health care, health determinants are not only external threats but internal ones as well. Internal factors refer to those things that influence how well a person stays fit and what she or he becomes capable of doing. These factors include both physiological and psychological traits and capabilities. These can include age, level of education, body size and fat distribution among others. Both determinants and internal factors interact with each other to determine the quality of life that people enjoy.

The third component is the public health aspect of health, which aims to improve the general well-being of all citizens. This involves both preventative measures and services that promote healthy lifestyles, such as eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. It also involves research and evaluation to detect, evaluate and control diseases, injury and disability. This is one of the main drivers of mental health and wellness, as the aim of public health is to protect the general well-being through the effective identification, investigation and prevention of disease and injury through the measurement and evaluation of quality of health.

Practice Love – Expressing Attraction and Love


Practice Love – Expressing Attraction and Love

“Love is a balm for the soul.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. Love has many forms, qualities and depths. It is something that can be demonstrated by the special people in your life such as family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. The beauty of love is that you are never too young or too old to show or receive it. Love is the best medicine for the soul; it eases the pain and confusion of existence.

We all have different types of love, but basically, love is a state of harmony, security, safety and well-being, which inspires courage and confidence in different types of people. When I talk with people, they may say, “I’m in love with my mother.” But if we dig a little deeper, we will realize that the expression “I love my mother” does not mean the same thing for everyone. In fact, the different types of love include: romantic love, attachment love, friendship love, common love, religious devotion, parental love, friendly love, sexual attraction, financial love and bonding love.

A great example of the different types of love is found in physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is a wonderful way to express love. One partner can give a peck on the cheek, whisper a loving message or hold hands in a romantic way. Physical love languages can be very powerful, but it’s important to realize that not everyone speaks in the same love language.

Emotions also play an important role in expressing love. A good analogy of how emotions can be expressed through words is with love. To be loved is to want to be loved. Love is expressed by the positive emotions such as happiness, pride, hope, passion, honesty, respect, concern, admiration, etc., as well as the negative emotions such as hurt, fear, jealousy, resentment, self-pity and blame.

The positive emotions are very important in creating loving relationships, but they must be accompanied by the proper balancing of the negative emotions as well. For example, anger, hostility, resentment, self-doubt and other negative emotions can be destructive to one’s well-being. Conversely, the positive emotions such as joy, satisfaction, happiness, peace, confidence, healthy self-confidence, acceptance and other qualities such as assertiveness, empathy, and self-discipline can promote a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. These emotions are usually what we are looking for in a romantic relationship, and in any healthy relationship, for that matter.

Another way that you can practice love is by using compliments to express your affection for someone else. If you are engaged in a romantic relationship with a special someone and give them a compliment, such as “You are such a great partner!” you are practicing romantic love. However, if you use this same compliment when giving a criticism of something the other person did, you are being unkind and sending the wrong message.

The Field Of Beauty


The Field Of Beauty

Beauty is often defined as the pleasing visual feature of all objects which makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects can be humans, landscapes, sunsets and works of art. Beauty, along with beauty, is perhaps the most significant philosophical subject of aesthetics, one of those major branches of humanities. This branch of sciences studies beauty from the scientific perspective and tries to explain beauty.

Aesthetic philosophy attempts to answer several questions in various contexts. Among these is, What is beauty? How does beauty differ from nature? What is it that makes something beautiful and makes it worthy of appreciation?

Aesthetics is a growing field. It is the only discipline of humanities, which is currently experiencing exponential growth both as a professional area of study and an individual pursuit. With aesthetics being such an expanding area, there are more scholars who are coming up with new theories and new approaches every year. This has helped the field to grow and become even more important. Furthermore, this growth has led to a shift in how aesthetics is studied.

Theories about beauty abound. Some of these theories are natural-scientific, using tools such as psychology or biology to examine how beauty arises and how it varies from one person to another. Other theories focus on the cultural significance of beauty – what it is that makes certain beauty rituals and ideas unique to certain cultures. Still other theories study beauty through the eyes of the beholder – aesthetics as subjective and as personal as the beauty that one sees within themselves.

Aestheticians’ career will help them explore the physical and psychological aspects of beauty. Aesthetics may also be applied to the study of beauty in architecture and design. This is because aesthetics are usually intertwined with architecture and design. The term aesthetician is usually used to describe a person specializing in aesthetic studies. There are many types of aesthetician positions available depending on the specialization you are interested in.

Beauty, science, technology, art, literature, and politics are but some of the fields of interest associated with the field of beauty. The study of beauty is usually called aesthetics. It is widely regarded as one of the most important human endeavors. Beauty has been found to exist beyond human perception. It is often found in nature and in the works of great artists. It is a subjective pursuit and there are many areas of beauty that can be measured.

The Social Determinants Of Healthy Aging

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is “the condition of a human body at its best possible health.” A variety of other definitions have also been used over the years for various purposes. For some it means having optimum health, while for others it simply means being healthy. For most, there is an emphasis on personal wellness, such as improving one’s self-image and increasing their sense of physical and mental health and well being. Although the definition has been in use for decades, there are many changes in the way health is often perceived and discussed today, largely owing to developments in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and the resulting focus on disease prevention and treatment.


The current definition of health can be seen in a number of places, both in legislation and in everyday life. In Canada, for example, the Canadian Health Act defines “health” as “the maximum well being of a person that includes quality of life, physical security, functional capacity, physical independence, the ability to undertake functions of daily living, and preservation of life”. A similar but more detailed definition is found in the Mental Health Act (section 12). In that provision, the maximum well being of a person is described as “being in good health with respect to the person’s physical, emotional, mental and other physical resources.” This more detailed definition is seen to include aspects of the quality of life that most people consider to be basic health.

In the United States, however, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) defines “well-being” as “the ability to cope with the demands of life”, and “healthy persons” as those who have attained a minimum level of health. The Department of Health describes health insurance as “an insurance program that provides coverage for medical expenses and other health-related issues for individuals”. Finally, the Department of Education defines wellness education as “establishing a positive attitude and a sense of self-worth that guides individuals through all their experiences”. Those three broad elements describe the public’s conception of health insurance, health care, and health education. By considering these broad items in isolation, it is not clear how health insurance relates to the well-being of the general population.

Most recent research on public health disparities does not attempt to create a comprehensive definition of “well-being”. Instead, researchers have sought to identify which behaviors or conditions are associated with greater health disparities. The National Cancer Institute, for example, has suggested that poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and other medical conditions can contribute to both the development of and the progression of cancer. Similarly, the British Medical Journal has suggested that poor diet, lack of exercise, and alcohol consumption may contribute to the progression of cardiovascular disease.

Research on health disparities has also typically focused on the development of unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking and drinking, as a means of coping with stress or managing disease. However, there is also a strong relationship between unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, and even healthier choices such as fruits and vegetables can lead to increased risks of developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Unfortunately, this research frequently does not address the effects of changing dietary practices over time, such as how changes in diet can affect healthy aging. As noted, even a healthy diet can provide inadequate nutrition for an older adult.

In addition, some researchers argue that certain social determinants, such as income level and gender, play an important role in determining health and wellness. Researchers have suggested that social factors may account for approximately forty percent of the variation in health and wellness, and that these factors can explain much of the difference in health and illness among racial and ethnic groups. While these explanations are not mutually exclusive, they do highlight the potential for change, especially in health disparities that are found to exist even when controlling for some of the more obvious sociological variables. By examining these things like family income, educational attainment, employment, physical activity, and social network size, health education researchers hope that greater understanding of health and its underlying causes can help lead to greater opportunities for health equity in communities across the country.

Truth behind the recent “Bitcoin price breakdown”

Bitcoin correction? Do people reap profits before Christmas? Or it’s just a sign of the end!

Anyone living in a cryptocurrency world knows exactly who controls the current cryptocurrency market. There was a time when the price of Bitcoin rose from $ 100 to $ 1,000 and plummeted or corrected to $ 200 after days. An 80% drop since the currency king didn’t stop once on one section of the highway, sometimes taking breaks and then another peak.

Bitcoin is quite volatile, no doubt. Entering new buyers and regulated exchanges is just the beginning of what we are looking at: the sunrise and not the morning.

As shown in the figure above, the bitcoin bullish market could not resist the sales of a for-profit investor who entered with $ 10K.

The price fell sharply by 15.16% for Bitcoin as it rose to a peak of 20,000 just 2 weeks ago. We now see a strong continuation triangle pattern that suggests the price may fall even further. Our main support is 13434 (Fibonacci retracement, horizontal oscillation low support, triangular design) and breaking this level can push the price up to 11172 support (Fibonacci extension, horizontal oscillation low support). Our next main resistance level is at 14757 (Fibonacci retracement, high resistance with horizontal oscillation).

On the other hand, prices have moved up and created a bullish pattern that breaks the 13434 resistance and is now at $ 15K.

After our research, we found the following cases that may have led to a recent failure.

Bitcoin cash mania

Is everyone aware of what bitcoin is? but most non-technical users have no idea that the Bitcoin currency they use is no longer the same. Bitcoin cash is the real economy, as described by unknown founder “Satoshi Nakamoto,” as Bitcoin cash claims to have more reliable and lower fees on the network, which is also true compared to Bitcoin cash, with average fees around $ 9. Up to $ 0.10, but for bitcoin, it can’t move less than $ 100.

Fresh hacking, hacks , nicehash, bitfinex, and various tiny exchange programs have been hacked because of the central nature of the services they run, one gets access to their servers, and eventually everyone can consume bitcoins.


The futures market has recently begun, where major regulated exchanges have come together to provide a safe and secure environment for trading with real and professional market participants, which may be futile for bitcoin.


Coinbase, which introduces Bitcoin cash theorist, suggests that when bitcoin cash was introduced, prices rose and someone inside leaked information about the timing of trading. Coinbase is now accused of helping bitcoin cash in getting a pump on the market.

Another important reason for tracking Bitcoin is the increase in fees for transactions from $ 100 to $ 1,000, with merchants now moving to Bitcoin cash, which comes with cheaper and lower fees.

Bitfinex will be the next Mt Gox. People start screaming about it.

Pumping and unfair play

Artificial pumping of the market can fundamentally change values, which can destabilize the market. Anyone who is familiar with the 2007-2009 financial crisis is aware of the rescue. Billions have been printed out of the air to support the U.S. economy. The BTC on Tether? Support it. Is a daily BTC trading volume from 6% to 17% + enough to move the price? This entry is not about whether BTC is backed by Tether – or not. It is simply about buying legal, valuable cryptocurrencies from counterfeit money that can be converted into USD or used to buy real goods and services.

Hard forks

Believe it or not this year, almost everyone is doing their own hard fork, which is good for creating competition, but it shows a lack of integrity in the Bitcoin community. There were so many villas, some failed, few proved to be frauds, and some left behind. The newcomer is confused as to which currency to work with.

Experimental risk

The developers of Bitcoin are promoting that bitcoin is in the development phase and not even version 1 will be released. This type of beta testing stops.

The so-called correction!

Bitcoin is currently volatile and can still be a good investment. Bitcoin is software that has been overrated in human history, the unknown founder of Bitcoin wanted everyone to use bitcoin for microtransactions. The market reiterates that psychology is simply pushing the market down so more people can buy what is called correction.

Keep the HODL!

Tell us what you think in the comments below or write to us.

This is only the opinion of the author and depends on market conditions. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or publication is not responsible for your personal financial loss.

PhoenixDAO: A decentralized digital identity platform that rewards users

PhoenixDAO, a decentralized and open source digital identity-driven platform, has announced the planned launch of Event Marketplace DApp, which will provide a list and market for event tickets before the end of the first quarter of 2021 – both free and paid. This is followed by the recently improved beta version of Phoenix DAO Staking DApp .

Launched in 2020,  aims to eliminate cases of whale manipulation with custom-designed DAO. The platform uses a community-based governance approach that allows signal holders to create and vote on proposals for platform-based projects and DApps. PhoenixDAO is powered by native PHNX tokens – it is also used during voting.

As we saw above, PhoenixDAO consists of two main parts – DAO (for control) and DApps (utility) – that give users a say in making decisions through the PHNX token.

At the heart of PhoenixDAO is the DAO or decentralized autonomous organization, which is the network management protocol. According to a statement, the DAO will allow the community to participate in the vote on the above-mentioned proposals and will also share grants from PhoenixDAO for beneficial projects in the ecosystem.

When it launched, the PhoenixDAO team launched a betting campaign in partnership with Ferrum Network, then quickly launched its first flagship dApp 2020 first flagship in Q3 and is expected to launch its second Event Marketplace this quarter. Next up is the schedule for an NFT Marketplace that will arrive later in the year.

Placement on the platform is possible in two ways – either through Spot staking DApp or by providing liquidity on Uniswap. On-site staking DApp allows users to earn up to 20% APY when paying in PHNX. Started in June, users will also be able to  a month to earn ETH / PHNX rewards.

The success of the DAO cannot be underestimated as the liquidity and volume of the platform has soared since the anniversary. On Feb. 14, PhoenixDAO broke the 24-hour, all-time high on on Uniswap and other services for $ 950,000, showcasing the network’s capabilities. The Uniswap (PHNX / ETH) liquidity pool set an all-time high of $ 394,700 on Wednesday.

Another fantastic milestone reached today is with owners in excess of 1000 ! & # 128640;

That, along with more than $ 300,000 in PHNX: ETH LP & # 128293;

– PhoenixDAO (@phnxdao) 2021. február 15

Nevertheless, a wide range of PhoenixDAO partners have opened up in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from marketers to developers. PhoenixDAO announced in mid-2020 a partnership with  , a cryptoportfolio provider, to improve digital identity in their Zero Zero wallet. The Ferrum Network is a decentralized network with a unique value proposition – “instead of focusing on new coins, it can represent coins in other networks”.

The partnership quickly followed marketing alliances with LunaPR and Crypto Daily, preparing to disrupt the management market for DeFi and DAO. The , the global fintech marketing and PR company announced on Wednesday, aims to gather the market and build trust and confidence that the PhoenixDAO system will win the market.

“Branding is essential for any industry,” reads the PhoenixDAO statement. “Without a public image, no organization can survive in this competitive market.”

Following successful testing of the DAO, it is now closer to launch than ever before, once it goes live, it will be the first step towards visiting developers around the world who are building on the PhoenixDAO ecosystem. Later, in 2021, the team will share details about the launch of the dApp store. It will also give users the opportunity to earn a passive income through the bet – expected next month.

Glad to support! You are really right.

Enjoy the benefits of the bet now with the release of V2 next month! & # 128293

– PhoenixDAO (@phnxdao)

The PhoenixDAO token , is currently trading at $ 0.088997, up a sudden 220% from last month, and the total stock in circulation is 51,897,138. The total market cap for PHNX tokens is $ 4,778,869, which is 7, It represents a 3% drop in the last 24 hours.

Disclaimer : This is a paid job. Conduct your own research on the promotional company or any of its affiliates or services mentioned in this article. will not be liable for any damage or loss to you.

Are You Still Happy When I Am Not With You?


Are You Still Happy When I Am Not With You?

Love is a group of complex emotions and behaviors typically characterized by emotional intimacy, intensity, devotion, and loyalty. It involves interpersonal love, family love, fantasy love, sexual attraction, desire, attachment, commitment, companionship, security, reciprocity, and self-disclosure. Love can range from an intensely personal bond to an intense emotional and psychological bonding. It is frequently associated with a wide range of pleasant positive emotions, such as happiness, novelty, energy, joy, peace, romance, spontaneity, optimism, trust, security, and delight, but can also often be accompanied by negative emotions like jealousy, hostility, resentment, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, guilt, envy, resentment, uncertainty, and boredom.

Love is an emotion that makes two people feel good when one is feeling negative or stressed out and helps them face their fears and negative feelings. When you are in a committed relationship you can spend more time together having these positive emotions. It can make both people feel special and important. When love is present in a relationship it creates a feeling of bonding and oneness. People who love each other to share similarities and commonality, which help the relationships become more functional and efficient. The other person feels understood and is protected from the storms in the world.

Love is a natural phenomenon that helps all people to survive in the situations they find themselves in. It has been shown to enhance well-being and reduce the occurrence of stress, depression, pain, loneliness, and other negative feelings. Love can be experienced in intimate relationships, in groups, in the home, in sports, in the workplace, or anywhere else you are in contact with someone who you care about. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and well-being, lower personal and professional expenses, increase productivity, strengthen bonds and relationships, delay the effects of aging, increase creativity and achievement, provide protection against a number of diseases, increase self-esteem and motivation, prevent illness and injury, and much more.

Love and affection are related closely to the emotional state known as passion. Passion is the strongest force in our lives and it generates positive feelings such as love and affection. Passion is the driving force behind creativity, imagination, innovation, challenge and success.

It has been shown that people who experience love and affection are more creative, happier, have more optimism, experience more happiness and have a higher sense of accomplishment than those who do not experience these emotions. Those who experience love and affection are also more creative, happier, have more optimism, experience more happiness and have a higher sense of achievement than those who do not experience these emotions. And, if love and affection are present in your relationships they will serve as the foundation upon which you build strong, healthy, enduring relationships.

If lust and love were the same thing then everybody would be happy. Lust is only one component of lust. Another component of lust is physical attraction, which can sometimes lead to unhealthy or inappropriate behaviors. In order for your relationship to last and to work there must be an exchange of something greater than either lust or love.

An overview of the social trading broker platform – eToro

Social trading is a fantastic way to invest in multiple asset classes effortlessly, without the need for years of trading experience and market knowledge. Let’s take a look at the world’s leading social trading broker, eToro.

Make money as a popular investor

In addition to offering the perfect platform for investors to take advantage of, eToro also offers experienced traders the opportunity to become popular investors and earn a decent income in the form of commissions and rebate allocations based on the amount of money under management and the number of copiers.

An example of the impressive return of a popular investor.

You can see the different levels and rewards of  the Popular Investors Program  right here.

Simple and efficient investment

Investing effortlessly and ultra efficient has never been so easy. In a few simple steps, you can start making a steady return on investment without having to stare at dozens of cards all day, every day.

Does a vacation on an island sound better than constantly staring at maps?
Portfolio Diversificatio

Although there will always be risks associated with trading, these risks can be effectively mitigated in different ways on the eToro social trading platform, which includes portfolio diversification between 5 asset classes and up to 100 different popular investors (simultaneously).

Smart performance analysis

The great thing about tracking popular investors on the eToro platform is that you can research the performance of each individual trader with the help of an advanced analytical algorithm that calculates and displays important trading statistics of each popular investor.

In addition to calculating each trader’s profit or loss over different periods, this algorithm analyzes the amount of risk taken over specific periods and combines this data to give each trader a risk assessment.

This risk assessment is amazing because it is derived from several aspects of trading, which include the choice of instruments of a particular trader, the choice of leverage, the percentage of capital invested in one instrument and hedged positions, to name a few.

This risk assessment is expressed on a scale of 1-10 and shows the percentage of capital that is risked in one day. Here is a screenshot:

Etoro 3

eToro risk score scale.

For example, a risk rating of 6 means that a trader risks between 3.9% and 5.4% of his account capital on average per day.

Of course, the risk of your portfolio is also assessed by this smart algorithm, to give you a good idea of ​​how much you are exposed to risk and how certain actions (such as copying certain popular investors) affect your risk assessment. What a great tool!

If you go into a popular investor’s profile to research his performance, one of the things you’ll see is the average risk assessment of the trader over the last 7 days.

By researching the profiles of popular investors, you will find all the other important information you need to choose the best traders wisely.

This includes statistics on how long that trader has been active on the eToro platform, its performance during that period, which instruments it mainly trades, the average holding time per trade, the amount of money under management, the number of copiers that follow it, and much more.

Access to a large community of merchants

What I really like about eToro is that you can interact with many other merchants, investors and, of course, popular investors. The effectiveness with which the platform coordinates the interaction of all its members is absolutely phenomenal.

eToro even makes it easy to translate text on its platform when merchants of different nationalities need to communicate.

This makes the whole trading experience easier, but also educational. Interacting with popular investors is really important because it promotes transparency and helps investors evaluate different popular investors before copyingVirtual practice account

eToro offers are really simple, their virtual account is really a useful tool that you can get acquainted with before executing trades on a live account.

Open  now!

Wide selection of property classes

What I absolutely like about eToro is that you can trade a lot more assets than the usual  offers.

You can trade at least 1071 different financial instruments on the eToro platform, which is amazing!

If you like to trade currencies, you can choose from 47 pairs, as well as most major , such as .

If you prefer stock trading, you will be happy to choose from 950 different stocks listed on the 8 major world stock exchanges.

Index traders can choose from 12 major stock indices, which include

Then you can also deal with various commodities (7) and funds traded on the stock exchange (53).

eTor’s next generation investment product – CopyFunds

eToro is a true pioneer in the social commerce industry. Their latest CopyFunds innovation is really worth mentioning in this review.

Founder and CEO of eTora, Mr. Yoni Assia

For me, it was an eye-opening video that testifies to the professionalism and greatness of eTor. In this video, Mr. Assia explains how their new product, CopyFunds.

The minimum investment amount in CopyFunds is $ 5,000.

“CopyFunds act like multiple retailers, all working for you at the same time. As such, there are many basic positions that open up on your behalf. For this reason, the minimum amount required to invest in CopyFunds is $ 5,000. ”- eToro.

“You can invest in two types of CopyFonds: the Best Trader Copy Funds that make up the most successful and sustainable traders on eToro and the Market CopyFunds that combine CFD stocks, commodities or ETFs within a single chosen marketing strategy.

CopyFunds aims to help investors minimize long-term risk and promote growth opportunities, taking copy trading to the next level and creating diversified investments. ”- eToro.

User support

In terms of customer support, eToro leaves a really good impression. When I first opened an account with them, kind Mrs. Rachel Woods called me within a few hours to find out if I needed any help.

Of course, I had a bunch of questions I should ask her. I don’t think it was an average client call for her, but she was really patient, professional and helpful.

EToro Trade Academy

EToro Trade Academy

Whether you are a beginner or a seasonal trader, eToro offers excellent training material that will teach you how to maximize trading profits and improve your trading skills.

eTor’s live and recorded online seminars by trade experts are a great way to gather valuable trading tips. Their eCourse for financial trading and videos on trading are also freely available to anyone interested in entering the markets.

eTor fees

The only fees you will pay when trading are the fees for prayers and overnight stays.

The spread of eTora is usually somewhat broader than some leading forex brokers. It is a reimbursement of the commissions that popular investors paid for their services.

Of course, a rollover can be earned on certain instruments, just like with your average forex broker, and there is no commission for any trades.

Minimum position sizes

The minimum amounts required (with the maximum lever used) to open stores on the platform are as follows:

  • Stocks: $ 50.
  • Major currencies: 25 USD.
  • Other currencies: between 25 and 500 US dollars.
  • Bitcoin i eter: 250 USD.
  • Goods: between $ 25 (e.g.  crude oil ) and $ 100.
  • Indices: $ 200, excluding China $ 50 and U.S. dollars requiring $ 500.

The minimum lot size offered on currency pairs is 10,000 (one mini lot). That’s ten times more than what the average retail broker offers.

It’s something I personally don’t like about the platform because it forces small traders to take more risk than is appropriate.

For example, if a small trader deposited $ 300, he would risk 25% of his entire account if he traded a minimum position size (10,000) on GBP / USD with a stop loss of 75 pips.

This makes trading a small account impractical and very risky.

However, when you copy a popular investor, the minimum trade amount is $ 1. Also, the minimum amount you can assign to any popular investor is $ 100.

This is a brilliant feature of eTor and allows small investors to effectively copy popular investors with no limit of the typical $ 25 (only on certain instruments) required per trade.

In conclusion

Of course, I can’t cover every aspect of eTor in this article, but I believe this information gives you a good idea of ​​the features you can enjoy with this phenomenal broker.

If I had to be as critical as possible, I would say that the trading platform lacks some advanced features of a traditional  forex trading platform  and is somewhat less user-friendly in terms of order execution and management, and perhaps one or two other small functions. However, eToro has a host of top features that you won’t find at other brokers or their platforms.

Also, algorithmic trading is becoming increasingly popular. Currently, this does not facilitate algorithmic trading which some traders might perceive as a drawback.

He may include algorithmic trading at some stage, which will add a little flavor to his trading experience.

The numerous advantages offered by eToro definitely outweigh these minor disadvantages.

I am really impressed with how easy and cheap it is to copy different merchants around the world. I also like the tools and information you can use to thoroughly analyze each retailer’s performance before deciding whether to copy them or not. Extremely efficient investing has never been so easy!

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Extremely buoyant USD / CAD to deal with Canadian job numbers, US non-agricultural payrolls

As the ECB’s rate decision and press conferences are not removed, tomorrow’s (Friday) labor market data in the US and Canada could end the week at a high with some volatile market volatility.

The ECB has launched certain measures today, but not nearly as much as I have seen in the past. I have to say, the market isn’t as active as I’d like, and the really great trends aren’t too rich right now. Let’s look at a few instruments, starting with USD / CAD:

USD / CAD – What powerful progress!

What remarkable progress on USD / CAD! This is a pretty long wave in terms of time and distance. This should serve as a warning to traders who are interested in entering long positions at this late stage. You see, the price has moved quite a bit away from the average (introduced by the 20-EMA) and the pair is fast approaching an important resistance zone where we can expect bulls to get some earnings and even some short bear sales. Now, whether it’s the bulls making money or the bears on short sale, the effect is the same: the U.S. dollar will sell against the Canadian. Needless to say, these actions will affect the USD / CAD exchange rate.

Let’s not forget that courses can move in one direction for extended periods of time. This is important to keep in mind because while it seems like this pair could run out soon, it doesn’t mean we should suddenly start looking for sales opportunities. When we see strong bullish momentum as in this case with USD / CAD, we have to respect that momentum until we come across a valid reversal signal. If you asked a little boy how to ride a fast train, he would surely conclude that the train would have to stop first. The same is true with strong impulsive moves like this on USD / CAD. The average daily turnover on USD / CAD is about 275 billion USD. Think of it this way, behind this last bullish wave stands tremendous weight and momentum; it will not necessarily stop here just because it is approaching an important zone of resistance and because it has become really overcrowded. Do you think you have the resources to resist that kind of order? Maybe, but probably not. Whether you are buying or selling a particular currency pair, it is generally better to wait for the current momentum (if it is very aggressive) to slow down before entering with or against it. Going against the swing is obviously more technical and requires a lot of experience and a solid signal for a turnaround.

So what approach should we use when trading this pair? The bullish momentum is still intact, so our bias should be bullish. However, if you want to buy this pair now, you need to be aware that a reversal or correction is more likely with each new bull day that is printed. This type of progress also slows as it approaches an important resistance zone.

We need to trade the settings with a high probability. These settings generally occur closer to the trend average. Therefore, it would be better to wait for the current momentum to slow down and give the 20-EMA a chance to catch up. Then applications can be taken at or near the 20-EMA if it is observed that this exponential moving average is held as dynamic support (or resistance). How will we know if this is the case? If we see that the price declines the EMA and prints satisfactory candles to confirm this rejection, it will give us a good clue. Of course, we can use the triggers on smaller time frames, but only if they are in line with the technical data on the daily chart.

The price of oil has been falling aggressively in the last two days. This also penalized the Canadian dollar. Watch out for the price of oil if you trade the Canadian dollar: these two are highly correlated.

On Friday, the expected US report on non-payment payrolls could cause significant instability in the foreign exchange market. Canada will also release labor market data at exactly the same time (13:30 GMT). This will make USD / CAD trading interesting on the day. If we get a really big number out of the US and a really bad number out of Canada, USD / CAD could be the perfect pair for a dollar to buy.

The ADP number of changes in agricultural employment released on Wednesday is often a good indicator of how NFP numbers will pass two days later. Now this number was really great and reached 298,000 new jobs compared to the expected reading of 190,000. Really impressive, right? Perhaps the NFP figures this month will be really great, which would further set market expectations for a new increase in U.S. interest rates next week on Wednesday (March 15th). Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

AUD / USD – ‘Down’ 200-MA again

AUD / USD has fallen, as expected, in recent days. This happened after the pair recently traded straight into an important resistance zone. I personally traded this setting and entered it on February 28th. Check out this daily chart:

It’s good to see this pair trading again below their 200-day moving average. The price is also relatively far below the 20-day exponential moving average, testifying to its strong short-lived bearish momentum.

It certainly seems that we could expect a further decline of this pair in the next few weeks. If you’re also briefly exposed to this pair, be careful with the NFP report tomorrow. Be sure to manage your risk carefully.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our website. We have a wealth of useful information regarding Forex trading strategies, forex brokers and live market updates.

Have a nice NFP Friday!