The use of computer have become a necessary part of life in this century and centuries to come. This makes it important that everyone should know the basics ik computer learning and how to operate a computer. Any machine that can be instructed to perform a specific task or series of tasks such as carrying out sequences of logical or arithmetic operations either automatically or otherwise using computer programming is called a computer.

A computer can also be identified as any electronic device that manipulates data or info, it process, stores and can also retrieve the data. A computer can be used for many reasons ranging from playing games, sending messages, presentations, typing, browsing the web and many other interesting tasks.

To start using a computer device, you will have to learn the basics about a computer, from the meaning, the usage and the components of a computer. This article will teach you all the basic things you need to learn in a computer to make it easier for you to use.

Types Of Computer

There are many types of computer apart from the registration type you know, the laptop and personal computer. You should know that your phone, calculator, the Atm machine, Pos machines are different types of computer that perform different tasks as the user may wish. Types of computer goes from the regular; Desktop Computer you can use at home, offices, work place, schools library. This type perform same function as the Laptop except that is not potable as the laptop. Laptops can be carried with ease from one place to another. Both the Desktop and Laptop uses keyboard and mouse to control it. The Tablet Computers, this type of computer is also more potable than the above. It comes with a screen touch instead of the mouse and physical keyboard, IPad is an example of a Tablet Computer. Server is also another larger computer for serving other smaller computers. Mostly used in a big company because of its large storage capacity and high processing speed.

Other types of computer includes but not exclusive, smartphones, smart watches, TVs, Video game 🎮, Calculator, Camera and so on.

Hardware and Software

Hardwares are those part of the computer that you can see and touch. They’re the physical parts of the computer. They include, the keyboard, mouse, CPU, Monitors, speaker and others. The software are those internal parts of the computer that cannot be touch or be felt. The softwares are the commands and instructions that tells the hardware what to process and what data to save or retrieve. The data and information are saved in the software. Softwares includes the web browsers, the processor, the games, the ms word and other processors.

The essential parts of the computer includes the keyboard, the mouse, the computer case, the monitor, the CPU, and the power cord. All the above part play a vital role in booting the computer and getting is running your affairs.

While the computer case houses the computer as a whole, basically the CPU, the keyboard is used to communicate with computer and enter some commands to the computer. The monitor is use to display the information and data in the computer. The mouse also works as a device use to communicate with the computer in giving instructions to the computer to perform some specific task.

Computer Peripherals

This includes all those devices that helps in performing a specific task such as printers and scanners. A Printer 🖨 is used to print documents, pictures, photos magazines and any other thing that can be printed on your screen. A Scanner is used to allows you to copy image from the scanner into your computer. A hard copy document can also be scanned into a computer by a scanner. The Speaker is an output device that allows you to hear the sound from the commands in the computer, speakers are mostly used to play audios from the computer. Other peripheral includes, microphones, web cameras, game controllers, phones and so on. The motherboard is the small board-like panel that connects all the parts of the computer to work together, from the CPU down to the monitor. The CPU also known as the Central processing unit is the carrier of commands in the computer, it accepts commands and process it. It’s located in the motherboard. The Hard Drive is where all your information, software, files and data are stored for future use. It is also detachable from the motherboard.

When you’re done with the above, you can visit a reputable computer training center around town to tutor your on the proper training in the operating the computer and the programming.

These are the basics in learning a computer. Once you learn all the above and more. You’re good to go in operating a computer. While operating a computer, always be careful in handling it as it is fragile. Keep your computer clean and away from dust and children to avoid spoilage.

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