Beauty is often defined as a subjective aspect of things which makes these things pleasurable to see. These objects are humans, landscapes, sunsets and works of art. Beauty, along with other aesthetic qualities, is the most significant theme of aesthetics, among the major fields of humanities and one of the most influential fields of post-modernism. It can be noted that aesthetic beauty has been determined through the history of mankind. It is a product of culture and race. Thus, aesthetics has been defined by different cultures at different times.

Many argue that beauty is subjective because beauty is inherently linked with the self. However, this is not the only definition of beauty. philosophers have also provided multiple definitions for beauty. The modern philosophers define beauty in different ways, e.g., according to the societal status of beauty, according to the material impact on beauty, etc.

According to some philosophers, beauty is the essential characteristic of a thing, the quality of being what it needs to be, the criterion for knowing reality, the idea of proportion and the idea of subject and object. According to others, beauty is a relation between an item and its environment. Beauty is a cultural attitude considered necessary for the survival of human beings and a crucial element in the process of understanding and discovering reality. According to others, beauty is defined as the aesthetic value of a work of art, a technical skill, a refined design, etc., a psychological quality, a personal point of view, etc.

According to these theories beauty is an attitude, it is a state of mind and it is a subjective experience that can be cultivated, controlled or admired. In the contemporary society, people attach more significance to beauty than ever before, especially the young generation. It is seen that most people give more importance to beauty in their lives and consider beauty to be an essential part of life. The theories of beauty are not very different from other theories of different fields as beauty has become a central aspect of contemporary society.

There are various ways to assess beauty such as the physical beauty, facial beauty, hair beauty, skin and nail beauty, personality beauty, figure beauty, body type beauty and the idea of beauty. A physical examination may be done to evaluate the general health and the physical aspects of the person. In this type of examination, the inner beauty is evaluated by looking at the physical attributes of the body structure and features. Facial beauty is also evaluated by inspecting the features of the face. Skin and nail beauty is evaluated by examining the quality of skin and the nails.

In the present era, there are various campaigns carried out by the fashion industry to promote and make women and men more beautiful. The concept of beauty has changed immensely over the period of history. This has become a source of amusement and one can enjoy by being beautiful. There are numerous online tools that can be used by people to evaluate the beauty.