How Do You Find True Love?

Love has been described as a divine, eternal quality found in all people at all times. “All good gifts and all bad ones are derived from love.” To love is to desire something more than what one has currently got. The most sublime emotion expressed by humans is love. Love encompasses a wide range of positive and powerful psychological and emotional states, from our most sublime religious virtue or ideal, the most heartfelt interpersonal love, to the easiest pleasures.


Desiring is one of the basic needs for all people, animals or plants. However, there are some areas where you may be lacking when it comes to being in love. When we think of love, we are usually thinking about passionate love or romantic love. While both involve a central part of the brain, they are very different and have very different effects on the brain.

In romantic relationships, two people develop what is known as a “pre-marital bond.” This bond occurs so that the couple become emotionally attached to each other before they engage in any physical intimacy. The effects of this emotional attachment are primarily felt in the brain. In order to be in love with someone and to make a romantic love, one must be already in a relationship where they feel attached to their companion and must be open to sharing intimacy.

On the other hand, in companionate love or sexual relationships, one or both partners are not emotionally attached to their partner before the relationship begins. This type of love is most often felt when the relationship is new and one or both partners do not feel bonded to their partner in any way. This type of love involves a much more casual intimacy. While the emotional attachment is present, partners generally do not spend as much time feeling deeply connected or as committed to each other physically.

Couples who share the love languages tend to be happier in their relationships. They have greater self-worth, find themselves less resentful of their partner, and also enjoy a deeper connection in many ways. When a couple learns their partner’s love language, it can be extremely helpful in building a fulfilling, loving relationship.

So, how do you find true love? You can start off by re-learning how to appreciate the good things about your partner. Learn to give and receive gifts from your partner often and show them how much you truly love and appreciate them. Also learn to share your intimate moments with your partner. Lastly, be open and honest with each other about your private matters. Being in a committed relationship takes work, and your partner should be reciprocating the same level of love with you.