Is Beauty Just Skin Deep?

We all have a basic desire to be beautiful. This desire has been expressed in various ways throughout history. Most people think that beauty is merely outward beauty – i.e., what other people see is usually what we consider beautiful. However, beauty is a more complex concept. It involves how beauty relates to the person who beholds it. In this article, we will explore some of the most basic components of beauty, and what they mean for each individual.


Beauty is commonly defined as a mental attribute of things that makes those things aesthetically pleasing to view. For instance, the idea that a woman is beautiful is based on how other people react to her. These reactions may come in the form of overtures and messages or non-verbal cues. Such things as skin color, height, age, weight and hair length are all important components of beauty that everyone views, but they are not necessarily representative of beauty in general.

The concept of beauty encompasses a variety of factors, including the physical attributes of a person (i.e., height, weight, skin color, etc.) as, well as the emotional responses that someone’s personality has toward them. For instance, if someone on the runway is extremely thin, while she is wearing very revealing clothing and makeup, this will not be considered “beauty” by mainstream standards, because the perceived message that she sends through her appearance is “thin”.

But what about beauty in fashion? Is it judged by the societal expectations that are often brought forth in advertisements and featured in magazines, or is beauty judged by the quality of clothing that a model is wearing, the level of glamour that a model is portraying, the effect that a model is having on the audience when that model is seen wearing that particular garment or accessory? These are just some of the questions that must be asked when using the term beauty in relation to fashion.

In many ways, the definition of beauty is becoming increasingly blurred. Certainly there is a place for certain standards of beauty in the fashion industry, particularly the runway shows that feature models with famous faces and bodies. However, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that beauty is subjective, and dependent upon the individual viewing the face or body being evaluated. This is especially true when it comes to the definition of beauty in the fashion industry.

What many people fail to realize when they use the word beauty is that it is completely subjective. What one person sees as beauty may be totally different from another person’s criteria of beauty. Furthermore, the criteria of beauty have been changing over the years as society’s perception of beauty has also changed. While social media certainly plays a significant role in our culture’s definition of beauty, it is important for consumers and fashion enthusiasts to remember that beauty is a matter of personal preference. When basing beauty standards on social media, or the opinions and preferences of other people, we risk making beauty seem nothing more than a trend.