Love – How Attraction Can Improve Your Romantic Love Life


Love – How Attraction Can Improve Your Romantic Love Life

Science Says Love Is In The Mind. Think about the last time that you ran into a person that you find irresistible. Perhaps you might have stumbled, you might have bumped into them and said something absolutely adorable as you were trying to sneak away (is that you?). Your heart might have skipped a beat and you might have thought “this is so awesome!” After all, isn’t that what love is?

However, when it comes to romance, this is where the relationship fails. For all the loving and caring that you have tried and poured into the relationship, you find yourself in a place where love is fleeting and often results in infatuation. While this is hardly to say that you are not in love with another person or that you don’t feel romantic love for another person, this happens far too frequently.

Now, when you put the two concepts together, what do you get? Well, you get infatuation. This is when your mind thinks you have found true love because the feelings and actions are similar to those you experienced when you were in love. However, the difference is that now, instead of being attracted to them because of your past experiences with them, you are attracted to them because of similarities in your brain.

Science has shown that you are not capable of creating your own love in a relationship. To truly be in love with another person, you must be attracted to them. This is achieved through your brain’s attraction system. While you may think you have found true romance and have fallen head over heels in love with another person, if you haven’t tapped into your own neurology to tap into this wonderful form of affection, then you will never experience true romantic love with another person.

The problem most people run into when they realize they aren’t attracted to themselves or their partners is that they then try to fix the problem by either trying to fix the other person or themselves. They figure out they must make changes to improve themselves or their partners, but they usually don’t realize that they can first learn how to turn the entire attraction process on its side and then start working on themselves. To do this, they need to tap into self-love. Self-love is the ability to look inside yourself and love all that is inside, including yourself. This is what will ultimately give you a more fulfilling and loving relationship with yourself and others.

So, how do you tap into this powerful attraction form? Simple. Learn to listen to your inner self and identify your own positive emotions. When you love yourself, you become more attractive to yourself. When you love others, you attract others to you. Once you have learned how to cultivate this form of love, you will realize you have a great arsenal at your disposal when it comes to attracting and forming romantic love with others.