Obsessive Love and Relationships


Obsessive Love and Relationships

Love encompasses a broad spectrum of positive and powerful emotional states, from pure virtue or ideal friendship, the highest personal intimacy, to the easiest pleasure. It is the state of mind that enables us to experience the fullness of our lives in all of their dimensions. It is the state of being full of all that we are, instead of being full of someone or something. It is the awareness that allows us to find delight in the smallest things, allowing the world to be as beautiful as it is while we are experiencing it. While love is not the same thing as happiness, it is certainly part of the path to happiness.

Love is the desire to share the unique aspects of our innermost values with another. It is the commitment to the other person, our family, our friends and our nation that make a healthy relationship. In fact, healthy relationships are built on much more than physical attraction, although they certainly are integral to each other. True unconditional love is a devotion of heart and mind that allows us to be ourselves and do the things that we choose. It is the willingness to be vulnerable and open and to let the other person into our hearts and recognize the goodness and gifts that they have to offer. In a nutshell, unconditional love is recognizing and loving oneself without condition.

Love can mean different things to different people. To some, love is the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you are embraced by someone who cares. To others, it is the hunger for acceptance that allows them to let go of painful feelings and to build a new, healthy relationship. What is important to remember is that love is a powerful emotion and it can manifest in different types of relationships with different people.

For those who have had little or no positive relationships, loving thoughts and expressions are vitally important to establish a connection with someone new. Expressing your feelings at this early stage of forming a new relationship can create healing in that relationship and may create an opportunity for a deeper and more meaningful connection with your new partner. When you practice love in your daily life, it can be easier to find the affection and connection you need to grow your relationship. You can also use unconditional love as a tool to help you grow personally and professionally. You can practice expressing this love without feeling guilty, since loving your partner doesn’t require accepting them into your life.

The most successful romantic relationships are those that are based on a deep level of compassion, trust, and understanding. If you spend time building these healthy feelings in your relationship, it will be easier for you to be there for each other when you are in need. Your love life will become more fulfilling, and your intimacy will increase as well. This type of positive emotions will make it easier for you to find the healthiest and most fulfilling romantic relationship possible.

So, there are many ways that obsessive love can negatively impact your relationships. However, if you understand the positive benefits of loving, you can overcome the negative feelings and find a way to connect in meaningful and honest ways. You can learn more about relationship strategies in my next related reading.