The Different Types of Love

We are a species that evolved to develop attachment and dependence during childhood and adolescence. This explains why we are so attuned to others in our relationships, as we depend on others throughout our adult lives. This is also the biological and evolutionary basis for love. The research conducted on romantic love has shown that it is associated with an increased activity of brain regions involved in reward. These areas are the same ones activated when we engage in acts of passion, such as taking cocaine.


There are several types of love and each one can be harmful. Erotic love is characterized by an intense desire to engage in sex, with minimal emotional attachment. Advocates of this style are likely to break up a relationship and may be prone to impulsivity. Storge love, in contrast, is considered a more mature form of affection and places less emphasis on physical attractiveness. People who have this type of relationship are usually trusting and do not needy.

Other forms of love include impersonal and platonic. Erotic love focuses on intense physical attraction, which is usually accompanied by games and emotional distance. These advocates are unlikely to commit to a relationship and are quite happy to end the relationship at any time. By contrast, storge love is considered a more mature form of love and focuses on shared interests and open affection. It is also defined by the fact that its advocates do not rely on others and are not overly needy or dependent.

Erotic love is about intense physical attraction. It involves game-playing and intense intimacy, but there is no emotional connection. It is often uncommittal and advocates of this type of love feel comfortable ending the relationship. However, storge love is the more mature form of love and places less emphasis on physical attractiveness. Such people are trusting and do not rely on others for anything. This is the most common form of love. So what is the difference between these two styles?

The definition of love is complex and depends on the type of relationship. Infatuation is a strong emotional attachment, characterized by a desire for the person’s happiness. Infatuation can be temporary or long-lasting. Typically, a person who is infatuated is in love with another person for life. They may even marry or be engaged. If both partners are compatible, then they are in a committed relationship.

Despite the differences between these types of love, they are all marked by strong emotional attachment. Infatuation is a strong form of attraction that does not involve a commitment. Infatuation usually lasts only a short time, while passionate love is characterized by a deeper bond between the two people. This type of love can be a long-term relationship or a casual affair. The most important characteristic of both of these types of love is the passion and dedication for the other person.