The True Meaning of Love


There are many definitions of love, from the most romantic to the most religious. But in its simplest form, love is an action. It describes our relationship with things, rather than an emotion. The bane of romantics and religious people alike, evolutionary biology reveals love to be a fraud. In evolutionary biology, love is a concoction of neuropsychological and hormonal messengers. A relationship with a partner is possible only after the two have been raised together.

Agape, or concern for others, is what Jesus wants to instill in His followers. Agape is the genuine concern we have for the well-being of others. The original definition of love was derived from the Triune Godhead and the eternal relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. However, love is unique to human experience, as an image bearer of God. For example, an owner may love their dog or care for its well-being.

The brain’s reward system is important in deciding what types of emotions we experience. People who are in love fire up the same brain regions as drug addicts do. This, in turn, intensifies our feelings of romance. Researchers say that the brain’s reward system may be responsible for mood swings and the heightened level of dopamine in the mid-brain area. Love also enhances the ability to experience adversity and relapse.

Philosophers have also provided accounts of love. Most of them have focused on personal love, while Frankfurt (1999) and Jaworska & Wonderly (2017) have taken a more general approach to the subject. While both of these works are valuable, they do differ in their approach to love. One of the best descriptions of love involves the ability to assess a beloved in a more personal way. Ultimately, this process of appreciation is about bestowing value and caring for each other.

Those who understand love as a function of appraisal appeal to a beloved’s supposedly valuable properties. The acceptance of this view of love leads to two related worries about the object of love: the fact that a loved one might possess similar traits. This leads to the problem of fungibility. Therefore, we should understand love as an attitude towards value, between appraisal and bestowal. This will help us define the meaning of love and how we experience it.

In fact, the love of two people is so strong that it can survive the ups and downs of life. When the two of you are in love, even the toughest situations can bring you closer. Couples who love each other deeply have the courage to share their fears and their dreams. In love, both partners respect each other. These attributes help them overcome challenges and work together to build a life of love. However, the process of creating this relationship is not easy.

Ancient Greek philosophers attempted to define the meaning of love and classified it into four categories: storge, phila, and agape. Agape, the most common kind of love, was often defined as a type of divine love. Despite its complexity, however, it is still an essential aspect of human relationships. The ancient Greeks also identified four different types of love, including agape, which is the classic romantic kind.