Understanding Beauty With Psoriasis


Understanding Beauty With Psoriasis

Beauty is one word that conjures up beautiful images in our mind. We all have a strong sense of what beauty is. This word has various definitions depending on who you ask. For some people beauty is clear skin tone while for others it is clean cut looks. Beauty is commonly defined as a physical trait of things which makes these things pleasurable to see. These things can be sunsets, landscapes, fine art and many other works of art.

Some are born with beauty and others are not. Some are blessed with beautiful skin, while others are not. We can not escape the fact that everyone is gifted with different facial features. However, beauty is not only skin deep, there are other factors that make us beautiful, such as healthy diet, rest, sleep, exercise, stress management and many other things that contribute to our physical and mental health.

Psoriasis and beauty There are many people who have been affected by psoriasis and are suffering from various skin diseases and beauty related problems. They are not only looking for a remedy for their disease but also an answer to their age-old question “How come I’m not beautiful like them?” Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that affects about 4% of people worldwide. Psoriasis is a chronic disease characterized by inflammation of the skin caused by overactive white blood cells and infection with infectious organisms. The primary symptoms associated with this disease include red, dry, itchy scaly patches that eventually become layered and lead to psoriasis plaques or scales.

Psoriasis is not only limited to the skin but also includes the nails, hair and even the fingernails. It can therefore be concluded that the definition of beauty encompasses all aspects of life. Psoriasis can also affect a person’s sexuality and bring about embarrassment in public.

The disease can be both debilitating and embarrassing for the patient and for those who look at the body of the patient. The disease can make someone feel ugly and prevents him/her from living a full and happy life. Most of these people find it hard to accept their status and thus they strive to be beautiful in spite of being disfigured and ill. With psoriasis, the patient tries to appear as healthy as possible so as to make others more comfortable with his/her condition. The beauty of a woman is her personality and the attitude she carries with herself.

A woman who looks beautiful has confidence and poise in life. She is always confident of herself and never takes a negative expression. This is what a person with psoriasis should try to do. To be beautiful is not just about getting rid of a certain skin ailment but having an overall positive attitude towards life and beauty.