What Does Love Feel Like?

Love is a state of happiness experienced at the mind level, devoid of time and the complexities of everyday life. When we are experiencing love, we are one with the Universe and free from any worries, concerns, or pain. There’s no reason to look for it. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll know it when you feel it. Read on to discover what love feels like and how to feel it! There’s no right or wrong answer, but you may be surprised!


Erotic love is the polar opposite of storge love. This type of love focuses on physical attraction and intense intimacy. It is often associated with game-playing and emotional distance. Advocates of erotic relationships don’t commit, and are more likely to end a relationship than make it last. On the other hand, storge love focuses on shared interests and open affection, and is more mature than erotic love. People who are emotionally attached to their mates are able to trust and communicate easily.

Erotic love involves intense sex and physical attraction. This type of love is often described as “childlike” because parents give their children unconditionally, and erotic relationships tend to be short-lived. It is also not a long-term commitment. While erotic love advocates are often comfortable with breaking up, storge lovers are more likely to be committed and are prone to commit. This type of love can lead to negative emotions, such as jealousy and stress.

In contrast, erotic love advocates focus on the sexual aspect of the relationship. They rarely commit, and are usually comfortable with ending the relationship. In contrast, storge lovers often have a deeper relationship. They emphasize shared interests, open affection, and less physical attraction. And these partners are trusting, introspective, and emotionally attached to their mates. And they are less likely to end the relationship. There’s no doubt that both types of love can lead to a satisfying, fulfilling relationship.

As the two kinds of love differ, there are some commonalities between them. In the Bible, a brotherly relationship is based on physical attraction, but there are also differences between them. In the Bible, a storge relationship involves a mutual respect and understanding. This type of love is very common in society, but it can also exist in a spiritual context. In the Greek bible, a brotherly relationship is a form of erotic love.

Unlike erotic love, storge love is based on the physical attraction of both partners. It involves the sexual attraction of both individuals. The latter type is often associated with the sexual attraction of the other person. But if the relationship is not based on a shared interest, storge love may be a more mature form of love. This type of relationship is characterized by the mutuality and respect of the two partners.