The Definition of Love

The definition of love varies from person to person, but in general, it refers to feelings of compassion or loving kindness for others. A relationship is described as “loving,” when one person has the desire to make another happy. A romantic relationship is a reciprocal act. When a person loves someone, they will want the other person to succeed. A love for another person should not be selfish, but rather, reciprocal. People who are able to give and receive love should be able to give and receive love.


The word “love” has different definitions. In some cultures, love is a feeling. In others, it is an enacted emotion. Agape love, for example, is the love of the gods. It is unconditional and never fades because of the actions of a person. It is also a universal emotion. Many parents love their children unconditionally, which can be described as Agape love. But, in our culture, we don’t see love in this way.

The Greeks equated love with Agape. The Greeks defined this as the love of gods. It is an intense and never-ending affection that doesn’t change because of an individual’s actions. It is a universal emotion. In many cultures, a parent’s love for a child is Agape. In the West, we see this kind of love in parents, especially when parents show unconditional affection for their children.

There are three types of love. While passionate love is a strong emotional attachment that involves intense physical attraction, storge love is a more mature form of intimacy. It emphasizes mutual interests and open affection rather than physical attractiveness. The relationship is more intimate, trusting, and not overly dependent. It may be more appropriate for certain types of relationships than for others. But in any case, it is still a beautiful feeling. So, what do we call it?

Erotic love is a form of love that involves intense physical attraction, sex, and intimacy. However, it is also very impulsive and is unlikely to last long. For those who aren’t ready to commit, they are often comfortable ending a relationship. In contrast, storge lovers tend to be more mature in their approach to love. The emphasis is on mutual interests and open affection. This type of love requires the partner to be trusting, independent, and not too needy.

There are two types of love. One is based on the physical attraction between two people. While erotic love involves intense sexual attraction, it is often characterized by distance and game-playing. Advocates of this type of love rarely commit and feel comfortable ending relationships. The other style of love is called storge. A person with storge love has a greater need for intimacy and has fewer negative traits. This type of love is typically expressed by an individual who is emotionally unavailable or unable to commit.