Is Beauty Real?

Beauty is commonly defined as a subjective aspect of things that makes these objects beautiful to see. These objects could be real, like human faces and bodies or artificial, like paintings and sculptures. These objects, with beauty and art being a given, are further divided into two groups: the object and the quality. The subject gives beauty to objects while the quality gives beauty to the subject. Such categories are very important to our understanding of beauty, since the concepts involved make up our ideas of beauty. For instance, beauty could be considered as the aesthetic appreciation of the entire physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of an object.


Theories on beauty, on the other hand, attempt to define beauty by its essential characteristics. It could be taken as a definition of beauty that attempts to explain its presence in nature. In essences, theories on beauty remain subjective since they cannot be objectively proven. Beauty then, can only be seen through the eyes of the beholder. One way to explain theories on beauty then, would be to see them as a way to describe and define certain aspects of nature.

There are many different theories on beauty. For instance, the most common theory in aesthetic studies is that beauty exists through the individual’s view of beauty. According to this theory, a person who sees a beautiful thing will consider it to be beautiful regardless of how they personally define beauty.

Another school of aesthetic studies tries to define beauty according to the scientific aesthetic experience. According to this school, beauty is experienced through the senses rather than the eyes. It therefore tries to explain the aesthetic experience by looking at the physical attributes of a thing, such as size and shape. One school of aesthetic studies even suggest that certain objects actually possess qualities of beauty. It could be considered the objectification of beauty. This school of aesthetician usually agrees that beauty exists in the mind of the beholder, rather than in reality.

Some of the other theories on beauty include the theories that beauty is associated with the mental states of a person. Some psychologist claim that beauty is based on the self-esteem of a person, while others believe that people base their perception of beauty on what they see in beauty magazines. A famous theory on beauty suggests that a beautiful face can make a person more attractive. A person with a beautiful face is believed to be more attractive, because he or she probably has a good facial structure, good skin tone, good hair style, and good posture.

Many people also believe that the definition of beauty has changed over time. Some people argue that women have always been attracted to men with strong facial features, and a strong jawline, while other people believe that beautiful men have always been around and have always been considered beautiful. The truth is that beauty is subjective and it depends on the beholder. The definition of beauty might have changed a bit over the years, but it will never truly be dead.