The Healthy Love Language


The Healthy Love Language

“Love is but the Feeling,” so love is a subjective feeling. Love encompasses a broad range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the purest human virtue or ideal to the most base, common human comfort. All love is not the same. The nature of love is inherent in its soul and can be described in only the broadest possible sense.

To find your true love means that you have discovered a greater inner balance and harmony with yourself that no matter what outer circumstances are in your life, you will always find both peace and happiness. It means you will be able to express yourself in creative and meaningful ways through all of your relationships. Love is a divine experience and is an indivisible part of our individual and collective souls. In other words, love is something that all of us feel at one time in our lives. However, when you find your true love you are sure to notice that your partner feels it as well and loves you for it.

When you are in a relationship it is important that you are able to share and give love without any selfishness or expectation of return. This kind of romance is one that relies on positive emotions being shared rather than the more destructive kind that is based on selfishness or expectations. A romantic love that is based purely on positive emotions between two people is one that can build up and last for a very long time. You want to make sure that you are always giving your partner the best kind of positive emotions.

Your partner should be kept in the loop on what your intentions are and how you feel about what they are doing in their romantic relationship. Give them the space and freedom to follow their own feelings and dreams without judging them. The idea behind the “love language” is that each person has a unique set of experiences and feelings that they translate into words. For example, if a person wants you to be physical with them, then they will translate this feeling into words such as being touched, hugging, and kissing. If they don’t want to be touched physically but want you to spend time with them, they may translate this feeling in terms such as cuddling, kissing, and loving.

You should also not only let your partner know what your intentions are, but you need to tell them as well. It is so easy to fall into the “let them do whatever they want” love language when you are in a relationship with someone because it has become almost expected. However, when it comes to being in a relationship with a person you love it is imperative that you share everything with them. Not only is sharing healthy but you are allowing the other person to experience the love language as well. It is through this sharing that you will be able to truly understand one another and learn to truly trust one another. When trust is developed there will be no need to use the “let them do whatever they want” love language.

A great way to develop these romantic love feelings is through affirmation. An affirmation is simply saying to yourself “I am in love with this person”. You can add other things in the affirmation such as “I am in love with this person physically”, or “I am in love with this person emotionally”. You may even want to include some other forms of love such as “I am in love with this person intellectually”, or “I am in love with this person socially”. By using different forms of affirmation in your love letters you will be able to turn any relationship into a romantic one.