Is Your Love Blind? – How to Find True Love Again

How many times has love been blind? Have you ever been in love and didn’t know whether it will last? Or, have you been in love but don’t know whether it will last? If this sounds familiar, perhaps you are suffering from low self esteem and doubt whether or not your love can be true.


True love is never blind. It’s like sunshine coming every day. Yet, it is not always easy to see it coming. Many people think that if they stay in love with each other forever, their love will be blind. Sentence examples below will show you how to spot if your love is real.

Examples of blindness when love is blind are: Giving to your significant other too soon, believing that you are better off without him or her, or waiting to find out if he or she feels the same way about you. Remember when your parents told you that love is blind? “Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.” So, if your love is blind then you will need to work to see it, to understand it, to reach it, and to experience it. Only when you do these things will you truly understand love.

Examples of blindness to love are: not knowing if you love someone; thinking you are better off without them; waiting for confirmation; or, thinking that love means different things to everyone. Real love is not like that. Love is a feeling that is experienced daily. In order to see true love you must experience it first-hand.

If love is blind then it is possible to end up with a hurt, a betrayal, or even a dead relative or friend. Sometimes this happens for reasons that are not good. You may be cheated on, you may be abandoned by someone who loved you and wanted something more from you. While some of these situations are beyond your control, you can still repair the damage and start over with a clean slate if you know and trust that you will find a way to heal.

If you find yourself in the position of not knowing if you love someone, or if you are afraid that you may lose him or her, then the most important thing you can do right now is to find the courage to start looking. Your love may be blind but you can find the solution that will make both of you healthier and happier. You can learn how to find true love again.