Love Languages – Expressing Your Love


Love Languages – Expressing Your Love

Love is not the absence of fear, it is rather the mastery of fear. You are not in love with love; rather you are in love with the love that you feel toward your partner or spouse. To love is a verb, it is not an noun. To love is the state of being at ease and confident in the company of another person. Love envelops a wide range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the utmost ideal of human relationships, to the most mundane, transfixing sexual pleasure.

What does love include? Well-being, peace, contentment, security, safety, serenity, and strength of character are all examples of the positive qualities that come to play in sharing our love. Love includes all of those things, but also the ability to give and receive affection in equal measure. We are all capable of love; we all have strong feelings of love for one another. Our love is expressed through affection – expressing our love by giving affection and sharing our emotions with another.

Our capacity to share affection begins when we are infants. We fall quickly in love with our parents and caregivers, but we ignore one another as soon as we are unattached to them. That is the beginning of our relationship with another person. If nurtured properly, romantic love develops into deeper feelings of attachment and dependence.

As adults we are often attached to our partners and are drawn toward romantic gestures. This can lead to deep feelings of adoration and respect for our partners, but it can also produce tension between the partners. Unresolved love issues between two people can lead to such negative things as infidelity, separation, and even verbal and physical abuse. When love is unblamed or not reciprocated, it becomes destructive. Unresolved love issues are just as damaging to one another as are the behaviors towards one another that create the negative feelings.

One of the ways that you can begin to address your love issues is to learn the five love languages. These are language patterns that enable us to express love more effectively. When we learn these patterns and become fluent in our own personalities, we can begin communicating more easily with our partner. Being able to clearly and completely express our love helps us to eliminate fear of abandonment, defensiveness, anger, resentment, jealousy, and other negative feelings that can potentially sabotage a relationship. In addition, loving someone means being able to openly and honestly listen to and learn from them. This will make both of you more connected and increase your ability to communicate and listen to one another.

The love languages are the language of love. They allow us to communicate in our hearts as well as in our heads. When you practice these languages with your partner you can enhance your romantic love life. You will be able to express all of the feelings that are bottled up inside you and have them come out spontaneously and without fear of rejection. You will also have the ability to listen carefully to what your partner has to say and make the necessary adjustments where needed so that both of you can deepen your love relationship.