What Is True Beauty?


What Is True Beauty?

Beauty is often defined as a subjective feeling, often derived from visual stimuli, of things which makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects are usually seen in nature, but beauty can also be a product of artistic perception, with the products of art more subjective than objective. Beauty is therefore, often found in nature, and often exhibited in art. Beauty, along with personal taste and aesthetic sensibility, is still one of the most important themes of aesthetics, among the most influential branches of modern philosophy.

The word beauty in its strictest sense, connotes that beauty is a quality or state of an inner being. By “inner beauty”, we mean the quality of being uniquely oneself – our personal sense of being beautiful. Some philosophers argue that there are two types of beauty: aesthetic beauty and natural beauty. Aesthetic beauty is beauty based on personal preference, while natural beauty is beauty inherent to the world. Both types of beauty are subjective; the object of beauty for one person can be disgusting and the exact opposite for another.

Aesthetic beauty is seen in the things that we see with our own eyes, such as beauty in nature, the face and skin, in abstract. When we get close enough to have a look at the skin, we may also be able to appreciate facial beauty, or the beauty of specific facial features such as the nose, lips and eyes. Some physical features can also be considered beauty, such as long hair, large ears, tall and thin body frames, or athletic ability.

Psoriasis is a skin condition which causes the immune system to attack healthy skin cells, causing them to break off and die. The result is skin lesions which can become ugly or disfigured, including red blotches, skin discoloration, spider veins and pustules. Many people believe that they have ugly or disfigured skin, when what they actually have are harmless, genetically typical skin cells which can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays and which will afterwards become pale and wrinkle when exposed to sunlight.

People say that beauty comes from within, and many people agree with this statement, although there are those who disagree that beauty comes from inside. Those who think that beauty comes from within believe that beauty is an inner thing, an intangible quality that is unattainable unless one is an artist or an actor, or someone with exceptional genetic traits. Whereas some people say that beauty is an outer, tangible quality, usually demonstrated by healthy and clear skin, others say that true beauty is a combination of both inner and outer beauty, with a healthy skin and beautiful hair as qualities that one can be proud of and be beautiful at the same time.

The debate about beauty continues to rage, but no one can argue that it has now become an important part of our culture. Everyone knows what beautiful is, whether they admit it or not, and everyone should have real beauty in their lives. Whether you choose to believe that your beautiful skin and hair are real beauty or whether you prefer to think that beauty is just an ideal that is unattainable, the fact remains that everyone has beauty in their own way, and you have yours!