Main Articles of Concern Regarding Chronic Illnesses


Main Articles of Concern Regarding Chronic Illnesses

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is an “age-long process of self-care that promotes total health, the maintenance of good health, and the prevention of disease.” Various definitions have been used over the years for medical purposes. For a child, health means having confidence in himself and his abilities. It also includes respecting one’s physical and mental health and being contented with one’s physical condition. An individual who respects his health is likely to respect and treat his body with care and give it the attention it requires without complaining.

In order to address health issues, we must become conscious of the variety of lifestyle choices that impact our health. Some of the most significant changes in our lifestyles are the use of tobacco and alcohol, improper diet, stress, sedentary or busy lives, and inadequate exercise. Our changing lifestyle choices directly affect our health. For example, cigarette smoking and drinking both result in thousands of deaths each year in the United States and around the world.

Occupational safety is a main article of concern today because of our increasing numbers of workers suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer and other serious diseases. A healthy work environment and proper occupational safety measures can greatly reduce illness and death rates among employees. These measures usually include ergonomic training, eliminating hazardous substances, communicating with clients about their illness, and implementing personal protective equipment for workers. Other important measures such as eliminating clutter and ensuring cleanliness of work areas are also extremely important.

Mental health is another important determinant of overall wellness. Having a good family life, maintaining positive relationships, and maintain social connections are all factors that contribute to good health. However, sometimes these determinants are not enough and we may need additional support. Family therapy and mental health counseling may be able to help.

A major contributor to both physical and mental health is the lifestyle we choose. The family itself is an important determinant of both physical and mental wellness. Children exposed to domestic violence in the home are more likely to experience mental illness as adults. Poor nutrition and stress both directly and indirectly contribute to our overall health.

Other main articles of concern are alcohol, tobacco, drugs, depression, and sleep deprivation. These are all linked to many physical and mental disorders and can often lead to other complications. If you have a combination of these problems, you should seek help from your doctor or health professional today.