The Different Types of Love

In western societies, love is commonly dissected into two parts: narcissism and concern for spiritual growth. However, the nature of love isn’t always so clearly defined. In fact, love is often the cause of many psychological disorders, including depression, phobias, and anxiety. The most common form of love is romantic love. There are also many types of romantic love, which may involve physical or mental interactions. Despite these differences, the experience of love is a universally rewarding experience.


In contrast, erotic love is characterized by a strong physical attraction and intense intimacy with a partner. Erotic love advocates often don’t commit and feel comfortable ending a relationship at any time. On the other hand, storge love is considered a more mature type of love that focuses more on similarities, open affection, and mutual respect. People in storge love tend to be more independent, trusting, and not overly dependent on their partner.

In contrast, storge love is more subtle, and is based on a relationship’s chemistry. A woman with a high estrogen level is likely to attract a man who is emotionally introspective and nurturing. A male with a low estrogen level may be attracted to a woman who is less intense, but he will be attracted to a man who is more emotionally invested in him. In storge relationships, men who seek female mate with high testosterone levels are unlikely to make a commitment.

The most common type of love is erotic. It emphasizes physical attraction and intimacy with an emphasis on sexual encounters. Erotic lovers don’t want to commit and are often comfortable ending a relationship. A more mature form of love is storge. In storge relationships, the person aims to spend quality time with their partner. They focus on similar interests, communicating, and creating something together. And they aren’t too needy or dependent.

A person’s love for another person is not mutual. For example, erotic love is a relationship centered on sexual intercourse. It is based on the desire for the other person to live. In storge love, the other person’s happiness and well-being are of primary importance. A man’s happiness and well-being are dependent on the other person. But storge love is a form of emotional attachment that can last forever.

Erotic love is characterized by intense physical attraction and intense intimacy. However, it is not a commitment. This type of love is often short-lived and irrational, and is a sign of immature relationships. The opposite is storge love. It is characterized by a mutual commitment and open affection. During an erotic relationship, both partners must share feelings and experience intimacy. A passionate love is an unrequited one.

Physiologically, love is a feeling of intense desire for another person. It is accompanied by other physical symptoms, such as a rapid heartbeat. In the early stages of a relationship, it is difficult to distinguish between lust and love. Both are associated with physical attraction, a rush of feel-good chemicals, and an overwhelming desire to be near another person. But only love is long-lasting. Unlike lust, love is cultivated between two people and is based on mutual acceptance, time, and other factors.