The Philosophy of Love


When in love, people tend to be more romantic and affectionate. In fact, men tend to have a lower serotonin level than women. And, people in love think about their partners up to 65 percent of the time. There are also some common characteristics of love: possessiveness, emotional dependence, jealousy, and fear of rejection. A study in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior found that the brain regions activated when people feel passionate love were the same as those activated by cocaine.

The study of love has only recently been made scientific. Though Sigmund Freud argued for the study of love, it had long been the subject of artistic treatment and creative writing. Early explorations of love drew considerable criticism, including a U.S. senator who described such research as a waste of taxpayer dollars. Despite this criticism, early explorations into love have been a vital part of human history. For centuries, scientists have struggled to define love, but we have come a long way since those early days.

In this article, we will discuss what love is and how it is different from other human attitudes, such as empathy or judgment. Love is also related to questions about justification. In addition, we’ll discuss how love differs from other personal attitudes and evaluations. Let’s take a closer look at love’s philosophical underpinnings. Here’s a quick summary of the main arguments. It’s a fascinating subject to investigate!

The emotion complex view of love emphasizes the complexity of the emotional relationship between the lover. It emphasizes the historical patterns of emotional responsiveness that project into the future. A more complex view of love does not require an explicit object or formal object. This is the most common view today. It accounts for the intuitional “depth” of love. The following are examples of theories of love. We’ve already discussed some of them. The following is a more detailed discussion of three of them.

The course of love is never smooth. No relationship is perfect, and this fact can cause heartbreak. Couples are bound to face problems, ranging from miscommunication to stress and emotional issues. Relationship counseling can help couples work through these problems. You’ll be happier and more content in the long run. So, when the relationship is going nowhere, seek help. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about your feelings. It can help you save your relationship.

The bestowal view, on the other hand, acknowledges that love is an emotion, not a value. The two types of love are related and mutually exclusive, but the bestowal view may be the more appealing one. But the bestowal view also has a grain of truth. Love is a creative response, not a response to antecedent value. And these accounts of love miss something important. If you don’t understand how love works, you’ll miss the point.