The Secret Formula For Creating Abundant Love


The Secret Formula For Creating Abundant Love

The art of love is vast and yet surprisingly simple. It begins with ourselves, with our own thoughts and feelings, our own imagination and understanding of the world around us. Love encompasses such a broad range of positive and powerful emotional states, from the deepest personal bliss, the most profound interpersonal connection, to the easiest physical pleasure. Love is the fundamental law of human nature, and its presence in our lives can never be undermined or taken away.

What does love feel like when you are one with another person? Is there some exotic sensation beyond the sensations of pleasure and lust? What does love look like, anyway? Does it include all the wonderful aspects of intimacy like sharing physical closeness? And if it doesn’t, why not pursue a more complete sense of love and romance by exploring all of its possible textures and flavors?

One way to go about loving someone is to use our intellect and emotions to identify and appreciate all of the positive emotions we are feeling for the other person, then add our personal feelings of attraction and desire to that mix. The emotional and intellectual components of attraction-love, passion, intimacy, trust, and commitment-are all essential ingredients of any successful romantic relationship. But if we discount the intellectual and emotional elements of attraction, we will miss the opportunity to experience the true depth of being in love. The more our inner selves and essence are recognized and appreciated, the more fully they will express themselves. And the more fully they express themselves, the more attractive and emotionally fulfilling the relationship becomes.

This does not mean that we should ignore the other parts of our relationships, however. Our personal relationships are also intimately involved with our intimate relationships with others. When we practice love in all its dimensions, our relationships are strengthened. Those who practice love in all its dimensions feel the joy and excitement of being loved, and they welcome the companionship of another person. In turn, they offer unconditional love to that person, which is an expression of their affection for all people.

Loving relationships are also important to our physical and emotional health. It is well-known that the quality of our relationships and the quality of our lives is closely connected to our physical and emotional health. Those who practice love in all its dimensions are physically healthy, and those who do not practice love are unhealthy. Unconditional love is a form of healthy emotional love, and the absence of which can lead to a dysfunctional physical and emotional health.

The importance of unconditional love is explored in more depth in other related readings, but for our purposes here, it’s enough to say that it promotes overall health in both our intimate and our interpersonal relationships. The more we can put our entire being into loving relationships, both in our intimate relationships and in our interactions with others, the happier and healthier we tend to be. People may refer to this state as harmony, wholeness, peace, bliss, happiness, well-being, etc. – the list is endless.