The Secret of Loving Relationships

Most people think that they know what love is; however, many do not fully understand the concept. Love is an emotional bond and a set of behaviors and attitudes characterized by passion, intimacy, commitment, and care. It typically involves emotional love, care, bonding, and attraction. Love may vary in intensity at different times and can vary greatly over time.


There are several characteristics of romantic love. These include sharing and intimacy, sharing and caring, security, responsibility, dependence, reliability, emotional depth, trust, intimacy and passion. When you are in love you share your deepest feelings with another person and this allows you to experience the feelings of safety and security for your partner as well as others. When you are in love your intimacy and security will be similar to your partner and this will likely lead to intimacy and security feelings.

Romantic love is almost always based on emotion, but it can be based on several other factors as well. When you are in love, you want to give and do things for another person that shows you care about them, show your appreciation for their qualities, help them, teach them, praise them, encourage them, and keep them safe. You will want to be there for your partner in the good times and in the bad times. When you are in love, you want to be with them in the places they choose. When you are in love, you want to let them know all of the thoughts and feeling that go into your decision to let them into your life.

Unrequited love is often described as feeling attracted to someone who has not expressed interest in you. The brain actually does produce a chemical called dopamine when you receive sexual pleasure and this is the cause of unreciprocated love. When you are in love, your brain sends out a flood of dopamine that makes you feel great and will make you want to give that person everything you feel like you need. Your mind has many different triggers that will cause dopamine to flood your system so if you are in a relationship and you are invited over but have not accepted the invitation you may feel rejected which releases a rush of dopamine causing unrequited love.

In order to let your love last longer and also be more rewarding it is important to build rapport. Rapprochement is the process of slowly becoming friends with someone else, it is the building blocks of a romantic relationship. If you want to feel great when you are in a romantic relationship, it is important to learn to listen to your partner’s needs and wants and find out what they are telling you in the way of feelings and desires. By understanding the underlying reasons behind their reaction you will be able to become more adept at using the basic love languages, which are the heart figure 1 and figure 2 expressions, the mirroring expression and the use of the need and want symbols.

You need to take the time to really listen to your partner’s needs and wants and learn how to put them into words that both of you can understand. Love making is very natural during intimacy but for love to truly flourish between two people it requires communication between both partners. So, before you ever attempt to engage in love making you must be willing to communicate. The more open you and your partner are the easier it will be for the love to be there. If you can learn to use all of the different love languages correctly, you will soon find yourself able to turn every love connection into a friendship or even into a romantic relationship.