What Is Beauty To You?


What Is Beauty To You?

Beauty is often defined as the emotional state of the objects which makes these objects enjoyable to see. Such objects may comprise sunsets, nature, humans and other works of art. Beauty, along with beauty, is perhaps the most important theme of aesthetics, among the major fields of philosophy.

In aesthetic terms beauty, according to some philosophers, is considered to be the product of the psychological disposition of an object towards its external surroundings. Beauty then is an expression of the subjective desire of the object’s owner, and is therefore not something which can be objectively measured. Subjective beauty therefore combines with aesthetic appeal to form the aesthetic balance. It is the beauty which appeals to the eye in addition to the appeal which the heart feels toward it. This subjective element is what makes beauty subjective and it differs from beauty, which is objective.

The term beauty then signifies something which everyone enjoys to some degree and which is understood by all to be desirable and important. Beauty then is considered to be subjective and individual; however it must be distinguished from personal opinion or personal feelings of beauty. The aesthetic desire to be understood is what forms the basis of beauty, and is what makes the object beautiful. Beauty, as such, cannot be judged by any standard, since the object or person being beauty has no judgments which are needed to tell what is beautiful.

One could say that everyone has an inherent taste for beauty, and beauty is subjective because the object itself is not needed in order to feel beautiful. This means that beauty is independent of any one person. For instance, I may love a certain landscape, but one day my wife may prefer a different landscape. I would not feel as though my landscape had been beauty, but my wife would, and she would tell me. Therefore, while she may not like my favorite landscape, still she would feel beautiful, independent of her liking for the landscape.

Beauty then is something which can be found in the mind of the beholder, and not in any given object or person. Beauty is subjective, and is based on the state or condition of being seen, which can only be judged by the beholder. Because beauty is subjective, there are no standards by which we can measure beauty. Every person will see beauty in different ways and will be attracted or repelled by beauty according to the prevailing emotional conditions in their own minds.

No one else may see the beauty in a different way, but when you look at someone else’s face or body, you may immediately realize that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. This means that while others may worry about having too much skin, a single flaw, such as a single pimple, may seem to be a tragedy in comparison. The idea of beauty is therefore relative, and depends greatly on the individual, and not necessarily on a given form or type of body or face.