What Is Beauty To You?

What is beauty? This is a question that many people ponder, especially women, when asked. What exactly constitutes beauty? Is beauty only skin-deep or should one also consider hair, clothing and behavior into the equation? Some would say beauty is a subjective concept, an ideal that only some people would agree upon.


Beauty, according to some philosophers, is often described as a mental or emotional state that makes objects beautiful to see. These objects could be landscapes, sunsets, beautiful humans and innovative works of art. However, beauty, with beauty and aesthetic sense, is still the most important topic of aesthetics, albeit, one of the most debated and sensitive topics of philosophy. With an objective standpoint, beauty is defined by the average person on a daily basis through their emotions. For the beholder, beauty is something that is not given in any form, so to speak.

Beauty to the beholder is not necessarily defined by outward appearance. The emotional and psychological states that we go through during different times of our lives dictate how we feel beautiful. For some people, to feel beautiful means being happy, whereas for others, to feel beautiful is only manifested through the acceptance and appreciation of others. Being happy does not mean that you smile every time you see someone, it only means that you smile when they look happy. To the beholder, beauty is something that is internal, which is what makes us feel beautiful.

While the external beauty may concern others, for the beholder, beauty is defined by the internal beauty that is only outward. We may worry that we do not have that beauty or we may worry that we are not beautiful, but each individual has the power to define his/her own personal beauty. No matter what our personal beauty is, no matter how beautiful we try to make ourselves appear, we are always in search of more beauty.

The beauty of a person can be brought out in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. How you dress, the colors on your skin, even the manner in which you walk can all contribute to your overall beauty. What you wear also plays an important role, but we do not always see beauty in the clothes we wear. A woman walking with high heels and a tight top can cause her to look less beautiful than a woman wearing sandals and a tank top. It is important to take care of yourself physically and mentally, and to treat yourself like a beautiful person at all times. This will also keep you looking beautiful to others, which is one of the most important elements in our quest for beauty.

Being beautiful is something that is achieved for each individual, for each moment that you experience. No matter if you are conscious of your beauty or not, no matter if you try to make yourself look beautiful or if you let others tell you that you are beautiful, no matter if you believe in yourself or not, you will always be a beautiful person. The only thing that will change about you is your perception of yourself and your world around you. This is what is called your conscious mind, your personal world that is being created and formed every day, and you create it for yourself daily and for the rest of your life.