Best Beginner Mandolin – Detailed Reviews

Finding a good, cheap mandolin for beginners isn’t easy. As a beginner, one is not aware of what to start with. There are too many options, and the hassle of choosing the best mandolin that also suits your needs is a difficult task. Finding the best beginner mandolin’ is just too hard for a busy person?

You don’t want to buy an expensive one that you’ll bail on in no time before learning how to play it. The best and easiest way to break this barrier is by learning proper beginner mandolin lessons and using the best beginner mandolin 2018. This mandolin buying guide will walk you through all the essential aspects of buying mandolin for beginners.

Using the best beginner mandolin will make things much easier for you. Not just because you’re using high-quality equipment but also because you get your very own lesson plan to follow. This makes it easy for anyone who is just starting out in music to learn and impress others with their ability to play the musical instrument. You will know what to look for in a good beginner mandolin after reading this guide.

While there are many useful tips here, we have attempted to keep it concise by giving quick and to-the-point information about the best beginner mandolins on the market today.

Enya Concert Ukulele Nova U 23: Best Beginner Mandolin

This Enya solid wood concert ukulele is the perfect first instrument. It’s made from solid mango wood which offers a warm, balanced tone. The fretboard and bridge are rosewood designed to minimize string buzz. Turning the tuning pegs is way easier than on some instruments and they stay in tune even after a lot of playing.

This instrument comes with everything you need to get started including online lessons on Enya’s website, an adjustable guitar strap, a capo, carrying bag, and picks. Enya Nova U-23 Concert Ukulele offers a quality experience for beginners or those on a budget looking for a dependable ukulele. Featuring a beautiful gloss finish and solid top, it sounds great and is perfect for practice, jamming, busking, and more.

Comes with an Enya Bag for storage and protection. This high-quality Concert Ukulele by Enya is perfect for the beginner. It has a 23-inch scale and solid mahogany top, back, and sides. Carbon fiber travel case included so you can always take it with you wherever your travels take you. This ukulele is a great way to get started or to gift someone that is just starting out in music!

It is made of quality carbon fiber and Hawaiian koa wood, making it a durable and attractive addition to any.With our online lessons included, the world of music is at your fingertips. The Concert Nova U23A features a solid mahogany top with a satin finish for a warm tone and great projection.

The body has eye-catching carbon fiber trim inlaid with real abalone and mother of pearl that complements its smooth satin finish. The U23A is perfect for those whose mastery of the instrument grows with every strum.

Vangoa A Style Musical Instrument Sunburst: Top Rated Mandolin

The Vango A-Style Mandolin has an easy-to-play neck and is a fantastic choice for any beginner looking to add mandolin to their list of instruments. This Chinese-made mandolin was assembled at a quality workshop and is ready to play out of the box.

It features an arch-top body made from agathis wood, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard and bridge, the mandolin is strung with white nylon strings, a black pickguard with abalone inlay around the soundhole, black painted bindings on the body and neck, and a sunburst finish. It is great for both beginners and experienced musicians.

Its body is made of solid select spruce top, maple back and sides, and maple neck. It comes with a free mandolin lesson DVD. It has 8 steel strings and a beautiful Sunburst finish mandolin. All of the accessories you need to get started are included in the package such as a Vangoa mandolin carrying bag with padded shoulder straps, Vangoa nylon strings and picks, cables, non-slip strap tightening knob, pitch pipe for tuning the instrument.

Regardless of your level of experience, the Vangoa A-style mandolin is a wonderful choice for learning to play the mandolin. This model has a hand-carved red spruce top and maple back and sides for a full tone that’s rich and sweet. It is a perfect choice for the players who want an instrument to play favorite songs as well as those who are interested in learning to play music.

It features a solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides purely handpainted finish. Maxbaohao mandolin bag comes with this mandolin, it’s very nice decorative for you.

Mandolin A Style Acoustic Electric: Excellent Mandolins Instrument

The Vango A-Style Mandolin offers a traditional look, with a vintage sunburst finish and mahogany construction. It provides a comfortable playing experience with both bridge and neck tuners that can rest flat on the body, allowing for easy tuning. The thick and durable solid spruce top provides the resonance needed to fully bring out the beauty of this instrument.

It is a great instrument for beginners. The thin neck and fretboard make it easy to practice. With the AOE pickup system, you can enjoy the acoustic mandolin even at night! It is specially designed for the entry-level player with all the features and quality construction of higher-end instruments. This mandolin also gives you a great tone that you can record with, go crazy on stage, or even just play quietly for yourself.

Comes with an adjustable height bridge to make it easy to get the desired action for any position on the neck. All of this at an incredibly low price. We introduce you to one of the best mandolins for the beginning players, a Vangoa mandolin with elegant ornament, and beautiful sound. This mandolin is of high quality and reasonable price.

This high-quality selection is perfect for the mandolin enthusiast that wants to stand out with the vintage look of a beautiful Red Sunburst finish. In addition to its stylish design, this instrument features an incredible tone and playability that will not disappoint. The single-coil P-90 pickup delivers the punchy, thick tone that can easily be shaped by adding the gold blade selector switch to select either the bridge or neck pickup.

Stagg M40S 8-String Bluegrass: Outstanding Mandolin for Beginners

This newly designed advanced with the latest technology from the unmistakable shape, Stagg M40S 8-stringed bluegrass mandolin. As a basic electrical device, it is with the precise exquisite sound. This brand new design comes with a tuning machine which guarantees you excellent tuning stability as before.

It builds on a solid spruce top and rosewood finished back and sides adding to its acoustic voice and lyrical highs.It is one of the most popular entry-level instruments on the market. It has a solid spruce top and is made from high-quality tonewoods that produce a bright sound with plenty of projection. The adjustable bridge lets you tweak the action and make sure your strings are properly tuned.

Play some bluegrass or country on this classic instrument, or just enjoy playing around with your friends! It comes at a cheaper price, but it has a great sound as well. The tone produced by the sandalwood bridge and fretboard gives it a bright sound that will make any beginner’s day. It is suitable for all kinds of music genres, and the eight strings mean great tuning possibilities.

I am always on the hunt for an affordable mandolin. I’ve tried many over the years and most of them fall short. They sound thin and cheap. They fall out of tune really fast or don’t stay in tune at all. It is one exception to that statement. It’s not a great mandolin, but when you compare it to other affordable mandolins, you can see that it really is top-rated in its class.

Oscar Schmidt OM10EWH-O-U 8-String A-Style: High Quality Electric Mandolin

Oscar Schmidt’s OM10 is an affordable, acoustic/electro model that is perfect for beginners. This 8-string, A-style mandolin features a mahogany top, back, and sides for warm tones and exceptional tone, as well as a maple neck and an adjustable truss rod.

The adjustable bridge makes it easy to set up and obtain optimum string heights; the chrome-plated closed gear tuners help keep everything in tune so your playing stays true. The body has a solid Spruce top with laminated side and back, laminated maple neck, ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, chrome hardware, Grover tuners, high gloss finish, and Master Vibrato tailpiece.

A Style Mandolin is a great choice for the beginner mandolin player. The solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides make this mandolin good sounding. The Fishman integrated pickup with active electronics and onboard tuner allows you to plug right into your preferred amp or PA system. The built-in tuner helps you keep your mandolin in top shape.

A-style electric mandolin features a white finish, 1 11/16″ nut, Pearloid dot fingerboard inlays, and gold hardware. It features deluxe diecast tuners and a bound maple neck with a 20 fret fingerboard. The Oscar Schmidt OM10EWH-O-U 8-string A-style electric mandolin is strung with steel strings has an adjustable truss rod and has a beautiful tone that looks great and plays professionally.

It is the mandolin of choice for beginning musicians, hobbyists, and professionals, beginners to experts. The solid spruce top provides a clean full sound, the sunburst gives it a fresh new look and feel. A perfect introduction to acoustic instruments.

Savannah SF-100 F-Model Mandolin, Sunburst: Best in Traditional Tone

The Savannah SF-100 F-model Mandolin offers the best in traditional tone, look and feel. Built with a solid carved spruce top, flat back and sides, and beautifully figured maple neck. Featuring classic appointments such as a rosewood fingerboard, Pearloid dot inlays, and a tortoiseshell pattern pickguard, this is the mandolin for today’s aspiring bluegrass musician or any classic string band.

A little mandolin with a smooth, light, and fast neck. The Savannah F-model Mandolin includes an open gear tuner for the fifth string.  The Savanna has an exceptionally dynamic response and tonal projection with a loud acoustic voice. The mandolin features a high gloss finish on the solid red spruce top and finished inburst sides and back, as well as gold hardware. You won’t hear a better tone from any other mandolin at this price.

Created for the aspiring bluegrass player, our Savannah SF-100 Mandolin is geared-up for ease of playability. Constructed from a traditional red cedar top and mahogany back and sides, this F-style mandolin also features a fixed bridge with single-band strings and geared tuning machines for easy adjustment. A rosette design patterned after 1930′s National instruments decorate the headstock.

Complete with a pickguard and tortoiseshell pickguard trim, the Savannah SF-100 Mandolin is our best beginner mandolin.It is a great entry-level, high-quality, mandolin for the aspiring bluegrass player. The Savannah Mandolin produces a warm, clear, and loud tone and is a breeze to tune and play.It has been designed to be at the forefront of a new era in beginner mandolins.

Built with the playability and tone of more expensive models, it provides an excellent starting point for beginners (especially those with smaller hands) through to advanced players who want affordable access to an instrument that’s equally at home in concert or folk settings.

Best Chorus Pedals for Synthesizers – Reviews

With so many options on the market for chorus pedals for synthesizers, it can be a hassle to choose the best one. Choosing the best chorus pedals for synthesizers, like any pedal, can be a challenge. Choosing the right chorus pedal for your synthesizer is difficult. There are so many options how do you know which is the best one? Agitate: The prices are all over the place.

After all, you want your chorus pedal to let you play and perform at your best! So much choice out there and all you want to do is find the chorus pedal that will turn your ‘good’ guitar solo into a mesmerizing lead part. We’ve reviewed hundreds of chorus pedals for you and have brought you the very best choruses for synthesizers.

We’ve done the hard work of identifying and reviewing all the good chorus pedals for synthesizers out there. Now you can find the right pedal in no time! Now that sounds like a good idea. Take a look at this review of chorus pedals and see which one comes out on top! Find out more about what you need to look for in a chorus pedal for synthesizers, and discover some of our favorite pedals too.

BOSS SY-1: Best Guitar Synthesizer Chorus Pedal

The BOSS SY-1 Guitar Synthesizer chorus pedal is a versatile, multi-effects pedal that can produce a wide range of synth tones. Based around a 2nd generation DSP (digital signal processor) and featuring 37 different onboard effects to choose from, the BOSS SY-1 has ten different types of synthesizer emulations available, including a pure analog-type sound as well as an FM synthesis Setting to generate the classic synthetic sounds made popular by the 1980s. With the SY-1 it’s easy to recreate synth sounds or create your own new synth sounds.

The SY-1 from BOSS is a powerful, all-analog guitar synthesizer, tailored for guitarists. This chorus pedal unique pedal lets you conjure up wild synthesizer sounds that would be impossible to play on a normal guitar. The pedal’s dedicated knob lets you switch between four classic “synthesizer” sounds or dial in your favorite DX tone for more unique sounds.

The SY-1 chorus pedal synthesizer from BOSS brings the continuously evolving art of synth bass and melody accompaniment into a single unit, incorporating three stages of true analog synthesis with advanced AD/DA converter technology. This is a pedal synthesizer featuring the iconic JFET-driven sound of the BOSS OD-1. Original equipment specifications have been meticulously re-created and the distinctive warm overdrive tone is delivered with a precise touch.

This compact recreation of the original has two classic octave buttons for bass sounds, making it the perfect addition to any setup. The pedal lets you modify the sound with an envelope filter for shaping the tone, and a synthesizer waveform selector offers a variety of sound options. Connects to your guitar via 2 cables (included) and features a dual-input design that lets you run your bass and synth through it.

Electro-Harmonix SYNTH9: Top Rated Synthesizer Machine Pedal

When you need to get down, the Electro-Harmonix SYNTH9 Synthesizer Machine Pedal delivers classic synthesizer sounds right on your pedalboard. This 2-in/2-out chorus pedal sports a tap tempo, mono and polyphonic modes, a 16-point MSEG lowpass filter with resonance control, and an analog chorus/vibrato with depth and rate controls.

Take your playing to the next level with the EHX SYNTH9 Synthesizer Machine. The SYNTH9 provides you with nine different voices for layering to create an enormous 68-voice virtual orchestra. Use the Dual-Mode function to layer two voices at the same time in any combination. The Volume control lets you blend your dry signal into wet, creating new textures and sonic possibilities.

Five shape settings allow dramatic timbral variation. Add vibrato or a triangle sweep using the Rate control. The chorus pedal has a large volume control knob and an easy-access knob for selecting between the nine different synthesizer sounds and a dry volume knob. You are also able to control any parameters or switch presets via MIDI CC. Breathe some life into your sound with the EHX SYNTH9 pedal!

The Synth9 is a limited-edition, compact multi-effect chorus pedal that creates everything from trippy cosmic effects to face-melting leads, plus a wide range of synth basses and screaming leads! Four high-resolution control knobs let you dial in the perfect sound. Choose the SYNTH9 from Electro-Harmonix and step into the future of analog synthesis.

This powerhouse stompbox weighs only 1.5 lbs yet delivers the fat sound of classic analog polysynths with all the control you need to explore modern synth sounds and textures. It’s an ultra-versatile tone generator that can function as a sound source for your guitar. This chorus pedal is also an effective harmony generator. It will automatically playback your sequence as you tweak the knobs on the front panel.

In other words, it’s a powerful tool for composition or live performance. We recommend using headphones with this pedal–the SYNTH9 can be loud!

Behringer Synthesizer (MS1BK): High Rated Chorus Pedal

The Behringer MS1BK Synthesizer is the perfect tool for a composer or producer looking to expand his or her sonic creativity. With an easy-to-use interface and cutting-edge technology, you’ll be playing stunning synthesized tones in no time with the Behringer Synth.

The included effects also allow you to add creative layers to your sounds, turning your keyboard into an instrument capable of delivering complex textures as bold as any full-sized synth. The classic white exterior feels sleek and industrial and is complemented by red backlit buttons that are easy to use in dimly lit venues.

With its 2-part filter, 3 LFOs, chorus effect feature, and arpeggiator, this synthesizer provides the tools you need to create sounds that are incomparable to anything else on the market today. The Behringer MS-1BK is a perfect first analog synth that’s both portable and flexible. It features two VCOs, one VCF, white noise, spring reverb, a step sequencer, and a touch-capacitive keyboard.

With this chorus pedal ability to connect via Eurorack casings or traditional cables, this synth isn’t just for beginners but for anyone looking for something they can customize on their own. Our award-winning MS1BK is an analog mono synth that has a range of classic and modern sounds. With its flexible signal routings, you can create endless possibilities for sound creation.

The 10-note keyboard lets you record melodies, bass lines, and drum patterns. Plus, there are dedicated CV/Gate recording outputs to connect the MS1BK directly to your modular system. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a classic analog synthesizer that packs a serious punch!

A faithful replica of the legendary Juno 60, this chorus pedal synth works, plays, and sounds exactly like the original—with a few modern improvements to keep it fresh and current. A go-to choice for vintage synth enthusiasts and modders alike, it’s no surprise that the Behringer MS1 is rapidly becoming one of the most popular analog synthesizers around today.

 Empress Effects ZOIA: Excellent Modular Synthesizer and Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

Modulate your way through space and time with ZOIA, Empress Effects’ fourth installment in their series of highly acclaimed multi-effects pedals. This fully modular, multifunctional effects pedal offers over 100 different effects that you can patch together in any order to create unique sounds never before heard or even dreamed of.

With the power of this chorus pedal, you can tweak every aspect of your guitar sound — including turning it into a synthesizer! Create vibrant drones by syncing any two ZOIA pedals or use them to boost your onstage tone. The ZOIA pedal’s discrete analog signal path and simple, intuitive TonePrint design make creating a signature tone easy and fun !!!

The ZOIA chorus pedal is a fully modular, multi-effects and synthesizer pedal. You can use up to four musically inspiring effects simultaneously and route them in almost any way you like. The ZOIA also serves as a high-speed MIDI controller for your DAW by turning knobs or switching stomp switches.

With its ultra-fast 24bit/96kHz sampling rate, the ZOIA is perfect for getting the best out of your modern synths and samples. The ZOIA is an open-source, modular, polyphonic guitar synthesizer and multi-effects pedal.

It features a 25 key synth keyboard with full-size knobbed buttons, 3 patchable effects pedals per side, 6 CGS single potentiometer modules on the bottom row for creating your own effects chain, MIDI in/out and CV in/out, and a USB port for communicating with a custom software editor.

The ZOIA chorus pedal is featured in the video above and features multiple oscillator types, multiple filters with user-adjustable Q, true FM abilities, a wide selection of effects including a fully programmable analog-style chorus, distortion, delay, phaser, ring modulator, and reverb. Like the synths of yesterday, it’s possible to patch ZOIA into itself allowing for holistic explorations of sound.