The Nature of Love

Love is a collective group of behaviors and emotions characterized by deep emotional intimacy, passionate intimacy, commitment, and reciprocity. It entails affection, support, closeness, caring, compassion, protection, adoration, joy, beauty, and hope. Love is often associated with an assortment of positive emotional states, such as happiness, excitement, vitality, life fulfillment, and ecstasy.

To further complicate matters, there are two main types of love: one is the emotional type, which is centered on feelings; the other is the physical type, which centers on desires. Emotional love is centered on human needs such as security, safety, love, acceptance, competence, achievement, reliability, power, and a sense of belonging. Physical love, on the other hand, is centered on physical needs such as food, clothing, shelter, performance, procreation, and intimacy.

While there are many different emotional states that promote different feelings, all love is focused on two things: passion and intimacy. Passion is defined as an intense feeling or desire that stems from the central core of our being. One example of passionate love is found in a mother’s love for her children. Another example is found in sexual intimacy between a husband and his wife. Intimate love is the energy and passion that drive relationships and marriages.

In order to fully appreciate the nature of romantic love, it is necessary to examine the other three components, namely, attachment, intimacy, and passion. Attachment refers to our deep and sincere attachment to another person or another thing. Intimacy is considered a bonding or connection that creates a deep emotional connection. And lastly, passion is defined as the strong urge to move towards or away from that other person or object.

Attraction is a term that is commonly used in relationships. It refers to the strong, universal emotional attraction that exists between two people or two things. This attraction may be based on similar characteristics, interests, or behaviors. However, this type of attraction has been compared to a magnet which attracts both positive and negative ions. This type of attraction can be seen in romantic relationships and is most common in friendships, casual dating, co-works, group projects, and day-to-day interactions.

While there are different theories and opinions on the nature of passion, most agree that love and romance are always relational and not sexual in nature. The need to experience love and affection is what fuels passion. Without passion in a relationship, the relationship is destined to break down into multiple conflicts and episodes of hurt feelings. Therefore, the quest for passion is what fuels closeness and romantic love in any relationship.

Is Beauty Just Skin Deep?

We all have a basic desire to be beautiful. This desire has been expressed in various ways throughout history. Most people think that beauty is merely outward beauty – i.e., what other people see is usually what we consider beautiful. However, beauty is a more complex concept. It involves how beauty relates to the person who beholds it. In this article, we will explore some of the most basic components of beauty, and what they mean for each individual.


Beauty is commonly defined as a mental attribute of things that makes those things aesthetically pleasing to view. For instance, the idea that a woman is beautiful is based on how other people react to her. These reactions may come in the form of overtures and messages or non-verbal cues. Such things as skin color, height, age, weight and hair length are all important components of beauty that everyone views, but they are not necessarily representative of beauty in general.

The concept of beauty encompasses a variety of factors, including the physical attributes of a person (i.e., height, weight, skin color, etc.) as, well as the emotional responses that someone’s personality has toward them. For instance, if someone on the runway is extremely thin, while she is wearing very revealing clothing and makeup, this will not be considered “beauty” by mainstream standards, because the perceived message that she sends through her appearance is “thin”.

But what about beauty in fashion? Is it judged by the societal expectations that are often brought forth in advertisements and featured in magazines, or is beauty judged by the quality of clothing that a model is wearing, the level of glamour that a model is portraying, the effect that a model is having on the audience when that model is seen wearing that particular garment or accessory? These are just some of the questions that must be asked when using the term beauty in relation to fashion.

In many ways, the definition of beauty is becoming increasingly blurred. Certainly there is a place for certain standards of beauty in the fashion industry, particularly the runway shows that feature models with famous faces and bodies. However, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that beauty is subjective, and dependent upon the individual viewing the face or body being evaluated. This is especially true when it comes to the definition of beauty in the fashion industry.

What many people fail to realize when they use the word beauty is that it is completely subjective. What one person sees as beauty may be totally different from another person’s criteria of beauty. Furthermore, the criteria of beauty have been changing over the years as society’s perception of beauty has also changed. While social media certainly plays a significant role in our culture’s definition of beauty, it is important for consumers and fashion enthusiasts to remember that beauty is a matter of personal preference. When basing beauty standards on social media, or the opinions and preferences of other people, we risk making beauty seem nothing more than a trend.

Mental Health and Its Related Issues


Mental Health and Its Related Issues

Health is an indivisible state of emotional, physical and mental well being in which infirmity and illness are either absent or totally absent. A number of definitions have also been used over the years for different purposes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a condition of the body, mind and spirit that are achieved through the whole body, mind and spirit and is attained through a process of prevention, understanding, treatment and maintenance. The WHO also defines health as a relation of how one feel to his physical condition and to his attitudes, knowledge and power to control his or her environment. It also includes mental health and refers to the capacity to acquire, develop and maintain healthy relationships with others.

The concept of health has become closely associated with the concept of social well-being. WHO projects that the health status of an individual will affect his attitudes, beliefs, responsibilities towards other people and his ability to make healthy choices. It also monitors the health progress of the populations of individuals, nations and communities. It also tries to promote the social well being of the people through the provision of services and programs that contribute to healthy environments, healthy lifestyles and successful medical, educational and nutritional programs. The primary objectives of health promotion are the reduction of premature mortality and disability caused by sickness, the improvement of health, prevention of diseases and improvement of the quality of life.

Mental health refers to the capacity of an individual to cope with normal stresses of work, school and other daily activities. Mental health may be affected by mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Depression occurs when the capacity for dealing positively with distress and disappointment and adapting to changes in situations decrease and the individual becomes overwhelmed by feelings of failure, guilt and loss of control. Anxiety generally occurs when the individual feels tense and restless or if there is an unrealistic fear of danger or injury and unrealistic hope for success.

Mental health and mental illnesses can cause significant distress and disability. People with mental illness are more likely to have poor health outcomes and to experience more negative health impacts. These include but are not limited to, lower energy levels, poorer physical health and higher health risks related to the development of diseases. The main article deals with three broad categories of mental disorders.

The third category is chronic diseases. Chronic diseases include those that require ongoing treatment and extensive care or supervision. Examples of chronic diseases include diabetes mellitus, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The main article focuses on chronic diseases and their major risk factors.

The first and the foremost health concern are diet, as the lack of a proper diet can result in obesity, which can result in the development of some serious diseases. The second health concern is exercise. People with mental illness are often sedentary and their exercise habits are poor, which contributes to several kinds of chronic diseases. The third definition is the unhealthy lifestyle, which includes the use of tobacco products, excessive alcohol intake and unprotected sex.

Love – How Attraction Can Improve Your Romantic Love Life


Love – How Attraction Can Improve Your Romantic Love Life

Science Says Love Is In The Mind. Think about the last time that you ran into a person that you find irresistible. Perhaps you might have stumbled, you might have bumped into them and said something absolutely adorable as you were trying to sneak away (is that you?). Your heart might have skipped a beat and you might have thought “this is so awesome!” After all, isn’t that what love is?

However, when it comes to romance, this is where the relationship fails. For all the loving and caring that you have tried and poured into the relationship, you find yourself in a place where love is fleeting and often results in infatuation. While this is hardly to say that you are not in love with another person or that you don’t feel romantic love for another person, this happens far too frequently.

Now, when you put the two concepts together, what do you get? Well, you get infatuation. This is when your mind thinks you have found true love because the feelings and actions are similar to those you experienced when you were in love. However, the difference is that now, instead of being attracted to them because of your past experiences with them, you are attracted to them because of similarities in your brain.

Science has shown that you are not capable of creating your own love in a relationship. To truly be in love with another person, you must be attracted to them. This is achieved through your brain’s attraction system. While you may think you have found true romance and have fallen head over heels in love with another person, if you haven’t tapped into your own neurology to tap into this wonderful form of affection, then you will never experience true romantic love with another person.

The problem most people run into when they realize they aren’t attracted to themselves or their partners is that they then try to fix the problem by either trying to fix the other person or themselves. They figure out they must make changes to improve themselves or their partners, but they usually don’t realize that they can first learn how to turn the entire attraction process on its side and then start working on themselves. To do this, they need to tap into self-love. Self-love is the ability to look inside yourself and love all that is inside, including yourself. This is what will ultimately give you a more fulfilling and loving relationship with yourself and others.

So, how do you tap into this powerful attraction form? Simple. Learn to listen to your inner self and identify your own positive emotions. When you love yourself, you become more attractive to yourself. When you love others, you attract others to you. Once you have learned how to cultivate this form of love, you will realize you have a great arsenal at your disposal when it comes to attracting and forming romantic love with others.

Beauty Essay Writing – How to Write a Beauty Essay

Beauty is one of the most important aspects of a human being. It is often described as a natural feature of things which makes these things pleasurable to see. Such things include sunsets, beautiful sunsets, humans, landscapes and art. Beauty, along with aesthetic sense, is the basis of aesthetic art, one of the biggest branches of fine art. Aesthetic appreciation of beauty is often called “the language of love.” The beauty of a sunset, for example, is almost infinitely sublime – a pure, luminous formlessness almost beyond description.


According to the principle of relativity of beauty, an object is only beautiful according to how it affects the aesthetic sense of its creator. We can define beauty as the subjective feeling or inner state that a thing evokes. Thus, beauty has many different dimensions. Each of these dimensions has a specific, subjective interpretation. Aesthetic appreciation is not only an attitude, it is an approach to the aesthetic world around us.

The aesthetic senses are the responses that our bodies have to the aesthetic stimulus. We perceive beauty in objects of sight, hearing, touch and smell. Beauty is also an emotional response. Subjective beauty is what we feel when we gaze upon certain objects. We will also attempt to define beauty in terms of a universal aesthetic sense.

A beauty essay is a written composition intended to exhibit, describe and argue about the existence and nature of beauty. Beauty essays normally consist of a definition of beauty, an essay regarding the nature of physical beauty and a personal exploration of beauty through the written medium. The beauty essay can be written in the form of an argument, a personal narration or as a descriptive essay on any given topic.

A beauty essay can differ drastically, however, depending on its author and the reader who will be holding it. Some writers of essays are well versed in the techniques of literary composition, while others write from pure insight and inner beauty. On the other hand, some beauty essays are written by writers who are not primarily literary authors, but rather political pundits, musicians, historians, philosophers or scientists. No matter what the genre of beauty essay is, all beauty essays share certain characteristics. They all exhibit a passion for beauty, the ability to experience the beauty and the ability to connect with beauty on a personal level.

The most common element to all beauty essays is a strong and authentic desire to be beautiful. We all have a natural urge to be beautiful. The desire for beauty is often internalized and manifests itself in the form of self-possessedness, a desire to be noticed, a constant exploration of one’s inner beauty. A beauty essay is driven not by the need to be “cool,” but by the need to be beautiful. Writers who desire to write a beauty essay must first explore their own inner beauty in order to be able to write a good beauty essay.

Cara Menghilangkan Nyeri Haid

Mungkin sebagian wanita pasti mengalami rasa nyeri pada saat haid. Nyeri haid Menjadi langganan wanita setiap bulannya. Kita tidak sendiri, setidaknya Sebagian wanita mengalami hal tersebut sementara sebagian wanita lain akan Mengalami nyeri yang parah.

Saat sedang mengalami nyeri sebaiknya jangan buru untuk minum obat, Tentunya akan berdampak haid kita akan otomatis berhenti atau tidak lancar.

Beragam Cara Menghilangkan Nyeri Tanpa Obat

  • Olahraga Ringan
  • Mengompres perut
  • Minum teh chamomile
  • Hindari makanan dan minuman tertentu
  • Mengurangi steres
  • Minum Air hangat

Mungkin dengan kalian yang mengalami rasa nyeri pada saat haid kalian boleh Coba melakukan beberapa seperti di atas. Mungkin akan membantu kalian Untuk mengatasi semua itu.

Apakah Sakit Perut Atau Nyeri Saat haid Itu Normal?

Nyeri pada saat hid bisa dikatakan masih normal apalagi berlangsungan dengan Anatara dua sampai tiga hari. akan tetepi, nyeri haid yang terjadi sepanjang Waktu bisa saja tidak normal.

Cobalah berkonsultasi ke rumah sakit bila mengalami kram perut atau nyeri Yang dialami sepanjang jadwal haid atau samapai tujuh hari.

Merasa Nyeri haid Pada Hari Pertama

Kenapa saat pertama kali haid pasti akan mengalami nyeri yang begitu parah. Haid di hari pertama adalah aktifnya hormon prosglandin yang dapat memicu Kontraksi pada rahim, kontraksi bisa saja terjadi beberapa hari sebelum haid Serta bisa saja membuat rasa sakit atau membuat tidak nyaman.

Menderita nyeri saat haid kadang kala tidak dapat dihindarkan sebagian orang Yang memiliki resiko lebih tinggu untuk menderita dismenore.


Cara Merawat Wajah Agar Tetap Lembab

Sangat banyak sekali yang tidak tau wajah berminyak atau lembab. Kulit Berminyak bisa saja terjadi karena dalam wajah memiliki kelenjar lemak yang Telah memproduksi minyak berlebihan,jenis wajah yang sangat terlihat Mengilat,riasan mudah luntur, dan sangat gampang berjerawat.

Sedangkan kulit yang lembab akan sangat terasa lebih kenyal dan tidak akan Terasa kencang. Bagi yang memiliki keadaan wajah seperti itu maka wajah yang Kalian miliki adalah wajah yang cukup sehat.

Penting, Memiliki Kulit Wajah Yang Harus Tetap Lembab

Perhatikan bila wajah kita sebagian memiliki kulit yang terkelupas, bisa saja Kemungkinan wajah kita sedang mengalami kekeringan. Pengelupasan bagian Luar akan membuat kulit kita tidak menjadi lembab. Bila tidak lembab wajah Kita akan semakin terasa kasar saat di pegang, berarti kulit kita harus tetap Lembab.

Jangan biarkan kulit kering dalam jangka yang sangat lama, proses penuaan bisa Saja muncul akibat keriput/semakin cepat terjadi. lebih parah, akan muncul Garis-garis halus yang akan terjadi semakin lama dan akan semakin Berkembang kerutan pada wajah.

Cara Membuat Kulit Wajah Agar selalu Lembab

Mungkin kita bisa menggunakan bahan-bahan alami sehingga bisa membuat Wajah kita semakin lembab dengan maksimal dan kita wajib menghindari Beberapa hal seperti :

  • Jangan selalu menggunakan air panas
  • SelaLu keringi wajah secara tepat
  • Selalu makan makanan yang bergizi
  • Jangan mandi terlalu lama

Apa Yang Terjadi Jika Tidak Memakai Pelembab Wajah

Kulit kering merupakan hal yang paling sering terjadi ketika kita tidak memakai Pelembab wajah. Melewatkan langkah perawatan kulit penting ini dapat Membuat kulit kita terasa akan kering. seperti yang bisa kita bayangkan , Memiliki kulit kering bisa terjadi sumber masalah.

Maka dari itu kita harus merawat wajab kita agar tidak kering dan tidak selalu Merah.  Bila kita mengalami itu mungkin saja kita bisa perawatan diklinik agar Memiliki wajah yang lembab.