Types of Love Theories

While it’s possible to categorize love theories, the process can be very difficult, given the varying types of theory. Some theories are highly reductionistic and are hard to classify. Others are more expansive, describing a variety of emotions, principles, and religious beliefs. Here are four commonly found types of theories: quasi-reductionistic, reductionistic, and deontological. In these, the essence of love is not reduced to its most basic elements, but rather involves a series of overlapping ideas.


Erotic and compatriot love are two different approaches to the experience of love. During the first phase, passionate love is characterized by intense physical attraction. It can involve intense intimacy, but is accompanied by game-playing and emotional distance. This type of love is hardly ever committed, and advocates are comfortable with ending relationships if they don’t want to. Storge love is considered to be a more mature form of love, focusing more on common interests and open affection, and putting less emphasis on physical attractiveness. People in this type of relationship are generally trusting and affectionate.

The second type of love focuses on physical attraction and intense intimacy. The emphasis on physical attractiveness is often placed before other characteristics. It’s also rare for these lovers to commit. They’re often comfortable ending a relationship and never feel emotionally connected to their partner. In contrast, storge love focuses on mutual interest, open affection, and emotional closeness, and places less emphasis on physical attraction. In this type of love, both partners are capable of being trusting, not needy, and not dependent on one another.

Another type of love, called erotic love, focuses on intense sexuality and physical attraction. Although this kind of love is extremely intense, it doesn’t necessarily last long. Many advocates are comfortable ending relationships, and will often end a relationship without even committing. The third type, storge love, is a more mature version of erotic love. It focuses more on shared interests, open affection, and less on physical attractiveness.

In erotic love, the emphasis is on physical attraction and sex. The relationship is usually short-lived, and it is often difficult to commit to a relationship. It’s best to be honest with your partner, and find out what type of love your partner has. For example, you might be able to be a little bit shy around a man and have a romantic relationship. If you don’t believe this, it’s OK to not be too emotional and overly concerned with appearance.

An erotic form of love is characterized by intense physical attraction and sex. In this type of love, the goal is to make the other person feel lustful. This type of love is characterized by the desire to have sex with a partner. A passionate relationship usually involves an intense and constant physical attraction. Neither of these types of love is mutual, so it’s important to be careful when deciding on a storge lover.