Main Articles of General Health Management

Health is a condition where disease and infirmity are totally absent. Many different definitions have been employed over the years for the purpose of describing the quality of health. Some people think of it as a state where all the bodily and mental processes are perfectly balanced, whereas some others view health as an absence of any kinds of sicknesses or immorality. The modern approach to this subject is described as a complex compromise between the ideal of perfect health and an imperfectly practical reality, with health being viewed as a process, rather than a state. Modern health management includes preventive measures and control measures.


Prevention is considered as one of the major factors of good health. Occupational health is one of the fields that has spent a lot of time in research and development, and it is the aim of occupational safety policies to ensure that the workers are healthy at all times. In fact, prevention can be described as the main article of health management. It implies that sicknesses that are avoidable can reduce the chances of getting sick. For example, if a worker is trained to wear protective clothing and equipment during the process of production, it reduces the risk of his or her illness becoming severe.

Control is also considered as one of the main articles of health care. This means that health care policies aim to improve health by controlling the development, spread, and consequences of potential threats. These include occupational exposure to diseases, pollution, and injury. Overall health is often considered as the sum total of all the possible disabilities arising from an occupational accident or from the exposure to certain toxins.

It is also important to note that the main article of health services is not restricted to the prevention and control, but also covers clinical treatment. Treatment, when used in the context of occupational health care, can mean different things. It can refer to surgery, radiation, medication, and therapy. Occupational therapy is very important in providing help for chronic diseases, such as arthritis, because it focuses on muscle, joint, and bone maintenance and rehabilitation.

While working, we encounter with many determinants that could either decrease or increase the chances of developing poor health status. One of the determinants that could decrease the chances of developing a healthy state is stress. Other environmental factors also affect health. Work-related asthma, for example, can lead to poor outcomes on health. Thus, a number of occupational and environmental treatments can be employed to improve health status.

There are also other important determinants that could potentially lead to health problems, such as obesity, stress, depression, and lack of sleep. These two are the main articles of general health management. Sleep deprivation is an example of a potential problem and one that has been effectively addressed by various health programs that target improving sleep quality. Sleep deprivation is considered a main article of concern in both prevention and control. The main articles of general health management are discussed here in brief.